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Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is Keynote Speaker at National Conference

Donor's meeting for Cape Mount Hospital and Clinics

Vai Script Workshop

University of Liberia students cry for Mary Antoinette Brown Sherman Scholarship

A Response to ALiMUSA's Report

LIHEDE Symposium on Collective Security

Liberian Women Break Silence

Chapter Presidents of Sinoe County Association Pledge Support to the Jarbah-Peal Administration

National Ethnic Reconciliation Conference, 2004

Thomas Yaya Nimely
A Controversy in Washington, DC? Liberian Consular Section Closes
(By Theodore T. Hodge)
On February 21, the Daily Observer reported that the consular section of the Liberian embassy in Washington, DC had temporarily been closed effective on the date of the report. The story generated frantic discussions among Liberians here in the US. Among obvious questions were: “Why was the section closed? Was this done in consultation with the Foreign Ministry in Monrovia or was the action to close the embassy a unilateral decision by the ambassador; if so, why? Is corruption that rampant among employees at the embassy? Was the closure of the embassy’s consular section a sign of much larger and sinister political happenings behind the scenes”? The Perspective went behind the scenes to interview some of the major players.

Presidential Election in Liberia: Haunted By Ghosts of Past Politics
(By Yarsuo Weh-Dorliae )
Liberia today is a failed state that has become virtually a protectorate of the United Nations. Hence, ordinary Liberians frequently vent their frustrations by pointing fingers at the “book people” who make up our political class, for all of the country’s problems. Truly speaking, the fault of Liberia’s political class is not in their education, but in their character...

The Road from Calabar to Freetown: Building Durable Peace in Liberia
Ezekiel Pajibo)
The Economic Community of West African States (ECCOWAS) recently made a very good decision. They would not countenance the coup d’etat in Lome. The pretenders to the throne in Lome have since begun to sing a new song. They have said that they erred and would correct their errant ways. This is a good thing and one gets the feeling that Africa can get it right one day. But getting it right one day is not good enough and this is why.

Liberian candidate makes visit to Randolph County (Ledger-Enquirer)
Visit to ancestral home prompts call for racial unity, cooperation
A candidate for president of the Republic of Liberia spent the day Sunday in Randolph County, Ga., paying homage to his slave ancestors who are buried there and working to establish economic and religious ties to the community.

Chairman Bryant Disappoints ULAA, Fails To Ship Donated Buses from U.S.
The Bryant led transitional government has failed to bring home buses donated to the City Monrovia by City of Dayton (Ohio, USA) through the instrumentality of the Union of Liberian Association’s in he Americas (ULAA). In an interview with The Perspective recently in Monrovia, Mr. Arthur Watson, President of ULAA, who recently concluded his visit to the country, noted that following the donation of the buses to Monrovia, ULAA appealed to the government to act in ensuring that the buses are transported to the country.

Liberians In the Diaspora Want To Participate In Elections, As ULAA President Addresses Civil Society Confab In Monrovia
(By Josephus Moses Gray)

The National President of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA), Mr. Arthur K. Watson says Liberians in the Diaspora should not be denied the rights to vote, stressing that such action would be like punishing them for being the victims of the suffering they, like every Liberian, endured.

The Problem with Us - Liberians!
(By Siahyonkron Nyanseor)
In 1795, Thomas Paine, the author of the Common Sense, usually referred to as pamphleteer, dreamer and patriot in American History wrote in his Dissertation on First Principles of Government that, “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent which will reach himself”.

FIRESTONE AND AFL: A Rebirth For Better or For Worse?
(By James Thomas-Queh)
Firestone and the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) - are two entities that have marked the social, economic and political history of Liberia, and also the Liberian -US relationship. Therefore their very synchronised and publicised reactivation is not a coincidence. What is more, it is our generation that brought both entities to the political spotlight from the 1970s. And like today, both entities were established at the beginning of the 20th century when Liberia was on her knees; though, they also perished with her at the end of the same century.

Liberia: Past and Present, Political and Legal Climate
(A Presentation by Tiawan S. Gongloe)
It is always a pleasure for me to have a chance to tell the story of my country because it suffers from an amazing degree of obscurity, despite its unique historical status of being the first independent African republic, the oldest independent state...

NTLA Urged to Ratify Firestone Agreement (Forum)
The need for the immediate rehabilitation of the Liberian Rubber Industry has been underscored by some rubber experts in the country.

NTGL Allows INLOTT to Take Over LOTTO (Forum)
What appears to be another “bogus contract” has been signed between the Liberian Government and INLOTT Technologies, an Indian Lotto company, to take over the management of Liberia National Lotteries, known as “Lotto” for 12 years.

FORUM Legal Counsels Want Court Decision Rescinded (Forum)
The legal counsels of The FORUM newspaper in the case involving Hope International President, Melee Kermue, for an alleged two million dollars damage have notified the Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice to rescind its previous restriction order.

Using Monrovia’s Garbage Disposals As a Revenue Source
(Syrulwa Somah
One of the most vexing problems facing post-conflict Liberia is garbage collection. Huge garbage deposits and other wastes are clustering the streets and alleys of Monrovia and its environs every day. Most often, piles of garbage and human wastes are directly discharged into the streets of Monrovia or in runoff streams, rivers, and storm drains due to the lack of adequate public latrines and dumpsites in the city.

Critical Dimensions of Personal and Social Transformation in Liberia
(By Tarnue Johnson)
This essay is a critical account about some of the underlying features of the development of cognitive structures and social change in Liberia. The article highlights several domains of cognitive functioning, structural transformation and their endogenous implications from a cross-cultural perspective.
July 2003: Liberian women barricading the main entrance of the conference hall - physically preventing representatives of the warring parties, other Liberian stakeholders from leaving the hall without solution to the then carnage in Liberia.
Overcoming Subordination: The Struggle of Women in Liberia Continues
Jestina Doe-Anderson
In the 13 years that ravaged the Liberian nation and claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, Liberian women and girls were reported to be the most severely affected victims. They were raped, abused, and mutilated and suffered emotional trauma, bitterness, and disempowerment. In spite of this, women of Liberia demonstrated true resilience and tenacity in their quest for national peace. They organized themselves to lead a nonviolent initiative for international intervention in Liberia’s civil crisis. They held prayer vigils, begged the combatants to lay down their guns, and petitioned the heads of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to convene peace talks in Accra, Ghana in July of 2003 – the talks that gave rise to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which brought an end to our civil conflict.

The University of Liberia Science Bulding
Click here for an enlarged version
The Race to Mortgage our Future: “A Catastrophic Tragedy in the Making”
(By Stephen O. Adams)
A few short years ago when incendiaries and gravity bombs rained down on the helpless population of Liberia dispensing carnage, many of us thought that things could never get worse. During this period of despair and hopelessness, what appeared to be a promising relief for the destitute people of Liberia was unfolding in the neighboring state of Ghana. This air of hope finally cumulated with the election of what was portrayed then as a neutral progressive individual whose primary mandate was to manage the affairs of the country and preside over an Election after a two year cooling off period. The resulting extra constitutional election together with the sight of the Tyrant Taylor boarding a Nigerian jet for a prolong exile was at best uplifting.

The 2005 Liberian Presidential Election Favors Establishment Politicians
(By Winsley S. Nanka)
The election timetable released recently by National Elections Commission (NEC) of Liberia will benefit the establishment politicians and the individuals that have name recognition in Liberia. According to press reports, legislative and presidential aspirants have between September 1 to October 10, 2005 to campaign. It would be difficult for little known candidates such as Milton Teajay, Mamadee Woah-Tee, Margaret Thompson, Joseph Korto and others to make significant progress over the relatively short campaign period given the election guidelines

Monrovia Fishing Corp. Contributes to Rehabilitation and Reintegration Program (Forum)
Preparations are being affected by the Monrovia Fishing Corporation to train about 200 ex-combatants desirous of becoming Marine engineers, fishermen, greasers, winchmen and other marine related skills.

Out-of-Country Voting Should be Incorporated into the Entire Voting Process
(By Dionysius Sebwe)
It is possible we can surprise the world and compliment ourselves by pulling off our first genuinely democratic election. Other countries have done it, so can we! Things have already started to take shape, especially with the publication of election guidelines. However, there's still more work to be done to ensure overwhelming election success.

In Bong: Kpelle, Mandingo Smoke Peace Pipe, But… (Forum)
The day was Saturday, February 5, 2005, when all citizens big or small from all over Bong County and even Monrovia assembled at the County Administrative Building to grace an historic occasion marking the beginning of peace for the county.

Make Good Use of the Chinese Grant (Forum)
(By Emmanuel S. King, Jr.)
Recently, the Government of China through its Ambassador accredited to Liberia, Lin Songtian, donated US$6m to the Government of Liberia for the rehabilitation of the Samuel K. Doe Sports Stadium and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs respectively.

US$30,000 Clinic for Clay-Ashland (Forum)
(By Lewis K. Glay)
A clinic worth two hundred and thirty thousands United States dollars has been dedicated outside the Bromley Mission Compound in Clay-Ashland, Montserrado County.

Ms. Ellen Dunbar, President Obassanjo & Miss Africa International
Miss Africa International, the Business of Beauty
(By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
Beauty pageant is more than just parading a long line of young women or men – on a stage. It is a business and it takes the same dedication, sense of organization and investment of many resources as any money making venture. Ms. Ellen Dunbar found that out the hard way when she first set herself to organize a beauty pageant, with young African women in the US. First was the issue of coining a name for the event. “This was not to be a one time thing, I wanted to do something that would go on for a long time and that would grow into different areas...

Can Liberians LEARN LESSONS From the Iraqis?
(By Molley S. Cooper)
The world has watched three important elections in the past four months, and is watching another historic one today – the elections in Iraq. The first three of course, were the presidential elections in the Ukraine, U.S. presidential elections in November 2004, and that of the Palestinians early this month, January 2005. Though the outcomes of some of these elections may have been disputed locally or internationally, the fact of the matter is democracy has taken its course.

The Troubled Liberia: A Liberian Tragedy
(By Siahyonkron Nyanseor)
There is a proverb in the Yoruba Language of Nigeria that says, “If a person has made up his mind not to see the TRUTH, nothing can wake him to it”. The Troubled Liberia tells of such people in the Liberian society. The Troubled Liberia is a tragedy in which an indigenous Liberian woman found herself. This tragedy is the result of a century and a half old social conflict between the settlers (freed slaves from North America and the Africans who they met in present day Liberia).

National Ethnic Reconciliation Conference, 2004
(ALiMUSA's Conference Report)
The steering committee commenced work immediately. The committee met with county and ethnic leaders and shared the vision - a national ethnic reconciliation conference - with them. These leaders were excited about the vision, grasped it, and agreed to participate in implementing the vision.

LIHEDE Symposium on Collective Security
(LIHEDE's Conference Report)
The Liberian History and Education Development, Inc organized a two-day symposium under the theme: Promoting Civil Liberties, Collective Security and Development in Post War Liberia on October 29 – 30 on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, North Carolina. The symposium was attended by more than 12 Liberian organizations in the United States as well as individual participants.
Chairman Gyude Bryant
Bullet proof Cars: Chairman Bryant and the Politics of Insecurity
By John S. Morlu, II
Chairman Bryant used the Liberian people’s money to purchase for himself two nice looking armored, bulletproof jeeps for a whopping US$366,000. Moses Gray of The Perspective reported that the Chairman relied on the historically discredited and bogus personal security threat argument to justify the armored vehicles; the Chairman is convinced that someone is chasing him in a dark room to kill him. Chairman Bryant also says that he is tired of looking over his shoulder. Surprise! Surprise! And more surprises! But wait a minute! The U.N. Expert Panel on Liberia reported that the Chairman is spending 15 percent of the budget on security eventhough UNMIL is responsible for providing security...

Government Of Inclusion - Legacy Of Failed Political Arrangements
Versus Broad Based Government

By B. J. Samukai
The proliferation of political parties, and presidential aspirants under the banner of emerging democratic rights, has generated concerns for narrowing the field of political contentions. These concerns reflect the anxiety for an overwhelming participation in elections 2005, but within a handful set of options to choose from. Suggestions to narrow these options have ranged from “alliances”, “mergers”, and “coalition” of political parties, to formation of ‘government of inclusion’ after elections.

ALiMUSA Calls for the Resolution of the Leadership Crisis Within the ALNC
The Peace, Justice and Reconciliation Commission of the Association of the Liberian Ministers in the United States writes to express its desire and to avail itself to mediate the conflict situation existing within the Steering Committee of the All Liberian National Conference for Peace, Reforms and Reconciliation, (ALNC), which has manifested in the emergence of two conflicting parties claiming legitimacy to the leadership of the Steering Committee: Steering Committee, All Liberian National Conference for Peace, Reforms and Reconciliation, (ALNC) headed by Dr. James T. Tarpeh and the Steering Committee of the All Liberian National for Peace, Reforms and Reconciliation headed by Mrs. Mardea Karpeh.

Cllr. Frances Johnson-Morris
Chair, National Elections Commission
THE DIE IS CAST! - Elections Commission Releases Dates, Guidelines (Forum)
(By F. Shelton Gonkerwon)
With just eight months to the holding of the first postwar general and presidential elections, the National Elections Commission (NEC), through its Chairperson Cllr. Frances Johnson Morris, yesterday hosted a major press conference where the electoral guidelines and key electoral dates were officially released thereby zooming the limelight under which political parties and related components would guide and guard themselves.

The Principles Of Wholesome Functioning Safety Management
(A Speech By Syrulwa Somah)
First, let me thank God for all us of who were able to make it through 2004. The world is going through a lot of natural disaster and other are recovering from devastating civil wars as I speak. More than 150,000 people in several Asian and African nations recently lost their lives to very strong water-waves known as tsunami.

Rep. Cornomiah Opposes the Sale of Chinese Rice (Forum)
(By: Lewis K. Glay)
A member of the Liberian Parliament, Joseph Cornomiah, has called on the government to desist from selling the rice donated by the Chinese Government for war-affected Liberians.

Chinese Rice Arrives -Will Ordinary Liberians Benefit? (Forum)
(By Natoe Jallah)
The arrival of 1315 metric tons of Chinese long grain rice in the country could help alleviate the hiking of the commodity on the Liberian market.

FORUM Boss Blasts At NPP Sec. Gen. (Forum)
The Managing Editor of The FORUM newspaper, Augustus B. Fallah, has lambasted the National Patriotic Party (NPP) Secretary-General John Whitefield for castigating him (Fallah) on recent Radio Veritas talk show in Monrovia.

Africa 2005: Outlook
(Abdoulaye W. Dukulé)
The African Union (AU) held its annual Summit in Abuja and celebrated its fourth anniversary on the last weekend of January 2005 and looked at some crucial issues. The war in Sudan that had been termed “a genocide” by much of the world, including Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell before the Arab solidarity reduced it to a “humanitarian crisis” has become a contentious matter that divided the Union in two groups: the Arab countries sided with the government of Sudan while the Sub-Saharan nations shyly agreed to a formula “calling on the international community to send troops …
Togolese President Eyadema Dies (BBC)
Togo's President Gnassingbe Eyadema, Africa's longest serving ruler, has died and was replaced hours later by his son, Faure, army officials said.Eyadema, 69, who had been ill for a number of years, died while being evacuated for medical treatment abroad.The army said the speaker of parliament, who - under the West African country's constitution - should take over, was out of the country.

Reflections On A Simple, But Dignified Life
A few days ago, a friend called to give me very sad news. The information was that Mr. Joe L. Bettie, one of Liberia’s foremost mathematicians had died. Born on January 3, 1929, unto a family of little means, Joe L. Bettie set the pace for many Liberians who would later pursue careers in mathematics. But while his professional career which spanned nearly 40 years at the Ministry of Education and Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS) impacted many lives, the place he made his greatest contributions was how he fulfilled his citizenship responsibilities.

Amb. John Blaney
Photo © IRIN
Ambassador Blaney Assures Liberians (Forum)
The United States Ambassador to Liberia, John Blaney, has assured Liberians of his government’s commitment to reconstruct the country devastated by the 14-year-old war. In his remarks at the ceremony for the launching of the “Operation Pothole” in Jallah Town, Amb. Blaney said, “It is indeed an honor and privilege to be part of this ground breaking event. Today’s drainage cleaning is the official launching of what has been dubbed “Operation Pothole.” Later on, we are going to see these potholes filled.”

Trouble Still In Lofa - -Former LURD Generals Threaten to Attack, If… (Forum)
With the extension of civil administration by the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) to the leeward counties as per the mandate of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed in Accra in 2003, Liberia’s political structure is yet to be fully established as threats to destabilize the fragile peace continue to come from former fighters.

America Ready to Reform Liberian Army (Forum)
There are indications that the United States Government may throw its weight behind the restructuring of the Liberian security apparatus aimed at making it capable of defending the nation’s borders against foreign and domestic threats.

America Must Descend in all Respects (Forum)
LIBERIA HAS ONCE again reached the critical period in her social, political and economic life where transformation required for total national deliverance is being yearned for by all concerned.

All Liberian National Conference set for March 10-13, 2005 in Baltimore
(Press Release)
Major Liberian organizations in the United States and Europe are organizing a national conference under the banner of a member Steering Committee.The Steering Committee is comprised of 34 organizations and individual members.

Why Did John Johns Refuse Promotion?
(By Siahyonkron Nyanseor)
As a youth growing up in Monrovia in the 60’s, in the vicinity of Clay Street & Camp Johnson Road, I honestly thought corruption was a legal practice. Why? For the most part, individuals who embezzled government funds were transferred to other positions, instead of being punished for the crimes they committed. These individuals were transferred or promoted as if they had contributed to meaningful national developments.

The Jacob Town Violence
Commission Probing Civil Disorder Intensifies Work
(By Josephus Moses Gray)
The Ezekiel Pajibo Commission set up to investigate the recent civil unrest in Monrovia back in October 2004 has intensified its work and the 15-member Commission mandated by from the Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) to investigate what has become known as the Jacob Town riot, has begun inquiries through a series of community hearings.

The Head of the Rice Committee, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Speaks on the Hike in the Price of Rice
Let me first say that a Special Executive Rice Committee was setup to look into the cost of rice after its price began to escalate on the market beyond the US$18 that was first set after the induction of the Bryant government.

Another Political Party in the Making
((By Josephus Moses Gray))
The political organization, “Friends of Brumskine” (FOB), has disclosed its plans to form a political party to contest the scheduled general elections in October this year.

Globalization Not New; Look at Slave Trade
Keynote speech delivered by famed supercomputer pioneer Philip Emeagwali at the Pan-African Conference on Globalization, Washington, DC USA.
Globalization - or the ability of many people, ideas and technology to move from country to country - is not new. In Africa, it was initiated by the slave trade and given impetus by colonialism and Christian missionaries. The early missionaries saw African culture and religion as a deadly adversary and as an evil that had to be eliminated. In 1876, a 27-year-old missionary named Mary Slessor emigrated from Scotland to spend the rest of her life in Nigeria.

The Emerging Liberia: The Fight Against Corruption
(By David K. Flomo)
As we anticipate another elections in Liberia, I joined my fellow Liberians who have written well-meaning articles and opinions on corruption in Liberia. Over the years, the pledge of allegiance and the oath of corruption with impunity from the president to the least civil servant has criminalized government jobs and hurt foreign investments in Liberia. We need to put end to this ugly image of government institutions in our country.