Human Rights Defenders Decry Attacks on Gbarpolu and Other Parts of Liberia

(Press Release Issued by the Human Rights Centre of Liberia on February 3, 2003)

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

February 4, 2003

The National Human Rights Center of Liberia, a consortium of nine local human rights organizations, says the renewed attacks on Gbarpolu and other parts of the country are repugnant to the nurturing of democracy in Liberia.

In a release issued today, the center says the LURD insurrection in the country undermines the resolve of the Liberian people for participatory democracy. Moreover, the human rights Center describes as unbearable the humanitarian crisis resulting from the latest fighting and therefore calls on LURD to cease the hostilities.

The National Human Rights Center release also frowns at the government of Liberia for not creating the necessary atmosphere to allow opposition politicians have access to the rest of the country. The human rights group declaration is based on continuous flogging and harassment of opposition figures around the country.

Meanwhile, the National Human Rights Center has reiterated its call on the government to manifest its pronounced respect for human rights and the rule of law through actions, in order to instill public confidence in the ensuing presidential and general elections.

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