Laws not in the Interest of Liberia People, Says Former Speaker

By Mambu James Kpargoi

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 30, 2003

Dear Mr. Editor:

Thanks for providing me this space to propound my views of issues affecting the Liberian nation. I was totally disappointed but not surprised when the former Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Taylor Government, Nyundueh Monokomna said on Radio Veritas here that during the last days of the NPP Government, the 51st Legislature repealed certain laws that were not in the interest of the Liberian People. Mr. Monokomna named some of these laws as the Act granting the Maritime Bureau 10% of the total revenues generated by the Bureau and the Act granting the Liberia International Ship and Corporate Registry (LISCR) the authority to manage the country's maritime program.

The former speaker also told reporters Monday that before that interview he did not know LISCR to be managing the program. By these statements, the former Speaker exposed the rubber stamp nature of the House under the NPP Government and exposed his ignorance and sycophantic nature.

When did the former Speaker come to realize that the laws they enacted were not in the interest of the Liberian People but indeed in the interest of Mr. Taylor and few of his greedy cronies including Mr. Benoni W. Urey and his relatives who managed the maritime program. Let the former Speaker realize that the Liberian People know that he received monthly kickbacks from the former corrupt Maritime Commissioner Urey.

Mr. Speaker you cannot make any excuse because history will judge you guilty. You and others in that rubber stamp legislature did enact laws in the interest of your NPP Party. You gave Mr. Taylor the right to impose the State of Emergency with the sole aim of throwing his opponents into prison under the guise of being rebel collaborators. You and your colleagues were indeed counterparts of Taylor's suppressive regime and all was done by you to secure your economic interest.

Don't pretend! LISCR was the making of you, your counterparts in the legislature, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Urey and others. How can you tell the Liberian People that you don't know this company. You will be judged. Mr. former Speaker your action to repeal those laws was only an act to sabotage others in the Transitional Government who were succeeding you. That is even a criminal act and I hold it against you. When did you realize that the 10 % granted the Maritime Bureau was intended to enrich Mr. Taylor and his cronies one of who are you. Did you repeal it because you were no longer going to be Speaker and will not be a beneficiary so others can benefit from it in a Liberia of accountability that we all envisaged after your repressive regime? When did you also realize that the partial monopoly granted certain businesses in the interest of Mr. Taylor was not in the interest of the Liberian People? Your monopoly did cause the Liberian People untold suffering and hardship and your mere absence from power is bringing some sigh of relief to them. You and Mr. Taylor imposed extra taxes on the prices of gasoline, our staple food rice and other essential commodities for nothing more but your selfish ego: womanizing, riding flashy cars and building mansions in the midst of abject poverty. You collaborated to kill the Liberian People.

Mr. former Speaker you and your colleagues in that rubber stamp legislature are as guilty of war and economic crimes as Mr. Taylor, his son Chucky, Benoni Urey and all the others I can't mention.

Thanks Mr. Editor for providing me this space on your widely read web page.


Mambu James Kpargoi
Monrovia, Liberia