Varney Sherman Loosing Grip In Nimba



Monrovia, Liberia

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Posted September 14, 2005


The breaking of the tradition of neutrality by Nimba County Superintendent Harrison Karnwea thereby declaring support for COTOL’s standard bearer Cllr. Varney Sherman and reportedly urging his fellow Nimbians to follow suit is said to be hampering the image of COTOL in the county.

Reports coming from Nimba say critics of the Karnwea administration view the position of the supt. as unilaterally selling the political interest of Nimba County something they say only bears elements of coercion which does not augur well for a democratic environment.

A prominent citizen of Zoe-geh District residing in Bahn City who preferred not to be named, speaking to The FORUM via cell phone last night described Cllr. Varney Sherman as “self proclaimed political angel” coming from the world of Charles Gyude Bryant who must be given a critical look because according to him “the tendency of Sherman implementing the policies of Mr. Bryant cannot be doubted”.

According to our source, a retired teacher, Varney Sherman forms part of the newest and inexperienced political elements whose interest is to buy Nimbian’s votes and share the fruits to others.

Our source said hundreds of progressive and well meaning Nimbians are campaigning against Varney Sherman in the face of the statement by Supt. Karnwea which is reportedly being considered as selfish prone and a design to unilaterally drive the county’s ship against the general will of the people.

Another source who called himself Paye Suah from Saniquelle also told our reporter in Nimba County that the transferred aggression being built against Cllr. Sherman which could possibly thaw his chances of winning the minds of Nimbians is based on Supt. Karnwea’s recent allegation that the people of Nimba were predominantly responsible for the 14 years of war and therefore needed to apologize to the people of Liberia.

“Karnwea’s statement is apparently being reserved in the minds of many Nimbians and considered indictable, “said one Nimba University Student Association (NUSA) official.

Recently, a prominent son of Nimba, Mewaseh Paye-baye lashed at Supt. Karnwea for using his administrative position to campaign for presidential candidate Cllr. Varney Sherman, and called on the latter not to befriend Mr. Karnwea because according to him, “doing so would make Sherman very ugly in the eyes of the citizens of Nimba”

Karnwea has since maintained a position that it was his right under the constitution to choose whom he wants and described Paye-baye and his likes as “failed politicians” and advised them to “shut up their mouths.”

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