LAP Receives Political Slap in Tappita



Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted September 20 2005


Electorate in Tappita electoral district number seven who are partisans of the Liberia Action Party(LAP) have accused their party of what they called lies and deceit leading to the many misleading political information they continue to receive from the party since January this year.

The LAP partisans mainly from the Doe administrative district of Tappita Statutory District in a consultative mass rally held recently in Tappita City said, the party through the district chairperson Mr. Joseph Paye has not been treating electorate in the area fairly when it comes to the ongoing election campaign-activities.

The partisans also told Mr. Paye that this level of arrangements by the party where partisans are not fully informed about the conduct of election has the propensity to put partisans in a complete state of confusion.
Mr. Paye who also is the Secretary General to the LAP National Campaign team in response appealed to the partisans and said, it is true that the national headquarters of the party has not been dwelling on issues regarding the empowerment of local party chapter and as such he and other party local leaders are finding it difficult to meet the fast growing demand of electorate and partisans.

The LAP partisans however said they are ready to divert their political attention to where they believe can be credible politically.

Speaking to The FORUM, the Chairlady for the Nimba County chapter of the party Madam Mary Kartee also apologized to the partisans for the unfair treatment being meted to them by the National headquarters something they said is not in the best interest of the party at this crucial time.

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