Who Wants To Kill Weah?



Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted September 27 2005


Latest anonymous leaflet in Monrovia has created a pandemonium amongst Liberians about an alleged assassination plan to eliminate Congress for Democratic Change George

The information was published in a so-called GUIDE POST Newsletter which pointed
an accusing finger at Unity Party Standard Bearer Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of hiring mercenaries to eliminate Mr. Weah before the October 11 poll.

The “Iron Lady” of the defunct Liberian United for Reconstruction and Democracy (LURD) Aicha Conneh has also been linked to the so-called conspiracy through her connection to hire international terrorist to eliminate Mr. Weah.

The newsletter noted that ten persons from Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Sierra
Leone headed by a Malian General Mitchell George Sady are in Monrovia to execute the plan. The head of the assassins is said to be residing in Hotel Milano, room number 23 where he claimed to be a diamond trader.

The letter also claimed that Mrs. Sirleaf and Madam Conneh have reached this decision after she (Sirleaf) failed to use the heads of the West African Sub-region to prevail on Mr. Weah to step aside from the presidential race.

Whether this information is tangible or not, the lack of proper address of the
GUIDE POST Newsletter has created doubts in the minds of Liberians who believe that the publication could be the work of trouble makers who would want to jeopardize the elections.

The recent attempt on Mrs. Sirleaf’s campaign team in Ganta, Nimba County where an arrest of a gang leader was effected by police as reported on the international wire also points to the fact that calculated plans for political violence between Mrs. Sirleaf and her opponents are eminent.

“The issue of political assassination is not common in Liberia’s body politics,” says
Peter Flomo, a one time security officer. He said Liberians should be mindful because these political gimmicks have always lived with them, adding “Civilians and security personnel seeking political favor in the past did this during Tubman, Doe as well as Taylor administration.

According to him, people should take cue from what happened between President Tubman and Coleman, when the former accused the latter for plotting against him. This subsequently led to Tubman’s security murdering Coleman. He also cited the Doe-Flanzanmington and President Taylor- John Yormie/Isaac Vaye cases as clear examples where political mischiefs are used to eliminate certain people saying, “This could sometimes mean an inner working of certain political grouping to perpetuate its political agenda”.

For Barcon Davids, a school teacher, admonished the government security apparatus and UNMIL to thoroughly investigate this thing. He said he cannot say whether what the anonymous author of GUIDE POST wrote about Weah’s assassination is true or not but wants people in charge of security to go beyond mere investigation, saying, “it is a two way thing-as people saying this could have a point or might be having something under their sleeves to unleash.”

Mr. Davids said the utterances by one CDC member on Kings FM station yesterday
concerning this assassination issue has the propensity to cause chaos during the election period as this supporter clearly threatened that Liberian people should not take them (CDC) for granted because they have the capability to react.

However, authorities at the Unity Party have described the leaflet as calculated lies designed to malign Mrs. Sirleaf’s character in the face of political campaign.

UP campaign spokesperson Alphonso Kpehe Garfuahn told the FORUM via cell phone yesterday that because of the sensitivity of the anonymous leaflet, the Ministry of Justice has reportedly apprehended two suspects in connection with the publication to undergo investigation.

Mr. Garfuahn told this paper that apparently those behind such sinister plan were the ones hiring mercenaries to eliminate Mrs. Sirleaf adding, “ as far as we are concerned,
the relationship between Mrs. Sirleaf and Mr. Weah is cordial.”

He surmised that the current development could be the continuation of the Tom Woewiyu’s campaign but according to him, the Unity Party has to strengthen security for its Standard Bearer.

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