Association of Liberian Intellectuals Tasks Liberian Express


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

October 13, 2004

The Association of Liberian Intellectuals (ALI) has strongly reacted to a front-page lead story captioned “Conteh Takes Case To The Streets” in the Monday, 4 October, Volume 1, No. 42 edition of the Liberian Express Newspaper, describing it as “Yellow Journalism and blatant disregard of the truth”.

The Association in its press statement wondered why the paper deliberately ignored all of the many issues raised by Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh, President-designate of the University of Liberia during his deliberation on Saturday, October 2, but only devoted its front page to demean and castigate the good intent of the association and its highly respected members; many of whom are professional journalists, lawyers, and others.

The release described the publisher of the Liberian Express Newspaper Mr. James Kiazolu as a “belly-driven carpet beggar” who must be reminded that over 90% of the leadership of ALI are prominent people whose reputations far out weight his newspaper run from a makeshift booth.

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