America Must Descend in all Respects


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted February 4, 2005

LIBERIA HAS ONCE again reached the critical period in her social, political and economic life where transformation required for total national deliverance is being yearned for by all concerned.

DESIROUSLY, THERE IS pressing need for transformation from darkness to light, from the land of wilderness to a fruitfully vibrant society; from a hatred prone state, to that of blooming love and from a state of bewilderment to transparency where a perennial co-existence would be the hallmark of the day.

HOWEVER, IN AS much of such desire remains predominantly hanging over the war-torn land, the need to help the people hatch it to fruition cannot be overemphasized.

IN OTHER WORDS, there must be an external healing and helping hand in a direct manner to push them through and let their dream come to past- the dream of economic deliverance, the dream of balancing the political equation, and the dream of guiding them as they make yet another political journey in selecting a leaders who are practically God fearing.

LIBERIA BEING A replica of America in all respects, we think she must not wait and let the people go alone, but descend in a practical manner and head the operations as she (Liberia) seeks recuperation, socially, politically and all vital parts of its national life

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