Bad News For Liberia!
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Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 15, 2004

It appears that the US520m dollars pledged at the New York Donor Conference early last year intended to lift Liberia and its people from the dungeon of poverty, hunger and other was related vices might not come as expected.

In a brief press interview last week at the ECOWAS Headquarters in Congo Town, Monrovia, ECOWAS Executive Secretary Mohamed Ibn Chambas said the lack of transparency and accountability by the NTGL was making it very difficult for the fund to be released by the international community although he expressed optimism that the peace process was gaining a fruitful result. He said the parties to the peace process must abide by the Accra Peace initiative because according to him that arrangement is the best therapy of democratic redemption as well as instilling all elements of peaceful co-existence.

Liberians are expressing their total disgust over the form and manner the Bryant transitional administration is leading the ship of state describing it as the replica of the wicked administration of exiled president Charles Taylor.

At present flamboyancy, luxury and other economic and politically repressive acts remain the nature of the NTGL while the people wallow in abject poverty. There are no light and water in Monrovia and there appears total disregard on the part of the NTGL as to the restoration of light and water in the city with over a million populations.

The price of rice, which is Liberian’s staple food, stands at unjustifiable cost (US$24.50) having just been reduced from US$35.00.

A student at the University of Liberia, Austin Cole described the situation in Liberia as “Animal Farm” saying that the NTGL is no different from that of Taylor administration.

One analyst blamed the delay in releasing the US$520m donor fund to the visible greed for luxury by the NTGL officials against the interest of the common people.

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