Bong Citizens Want Mayor Walker Audited


By C. Winston Kerkula

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 21, 2004

Citizens of Gbarnga, Bong County, are calling on the authorities of the county to immediately audit Gbarnga City Mayor, Esther Y. Walker.

The citizens said following nearly three years of operations of Mayor Walker, marked by corrupt practices and mixed-feelings, they find it expedient for her to be audited.

According to them, when Madam Walker is audited, it will help to identify existing problems and ensure that funds generated by the Gbarnga City Council for development are used in the best interest of the people in the county.

The citizens of Bong are stressing the need to urgently audit the administration of Madam Walker to make sure that respectability, accountability, transparency and decency through the rule of law exist in the council.

The President of the Bong County Youth Association (BYA), Emmanuel Quennah said, Madam Walker should be audited to ensure financial transparency in her leadership.

The youth leader furthered that he personally wants to know the current account of Gbarnga City Council to make sure that “fairness be the order of the day.”

Mr. Quennah told The FORUM that the level of accountability and transparency has never existed within the Gbarnga City Council and made the city to remain dirty, adding, “funds collected for the improvement of the area always go into the private coffers of those claiming to be in the corridor of power.”

For his part, Aaron Tornorla Sackie, former NPP Youth Coordinator for Bong County, said Gbarnga City Council is dormant because of the lack of leadership ability by Mayor Walker. He cited an incident in which trees once planted for the beautification of the city are all overgrown and various streets connecting the city are being cut off due to erosion.

Efforts to contact the office of the City Mayor proved fruitless as our correspondent was told on several occasions that the mayor was somehow busy.

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