Brumskine Parts Company with LUP


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

October 19, 2004

“But I must say to you today, elders, chiefs, women and youths, as enshrined in the Book of Kings, and judging from the wisdom of King Solomon, we cannot allow our baby to be cut into two- halves, and so let the “forces of evil” take it alive but for a season. At the appropriate time, when the little child grows up, he will find his true identity and we will reclaim our baby, because the child belongs to us,” were the words of Charles W. Brumskine, in Bong County.

The presidential aspirant made the statement over the weekend in the hometown of the former founder and standard-bearer of the Liberia Unification Party, the late Gabriel W. Kpolleh. Cllr. Brumskine told families and members of Zota District that he was under a national obligation to ensure that the intent of the late Mr. Kpolleh was still alive in spite of the current crisis in the Party. In response, the people agreed in one accord to support him ( Brumskine) in spite of where he stands as he strives to remake Liberia “under the rule of law.”

At long last, the man, Charles W. Brumskine who is credited for resurrecting the Liberia Unification Party from a state of political deadness to the limelight of national politics and credibility, has finally parted company with that institution. “The decision to do so was a difficult one but against the backdrop of strategic choices, it was the best decision any wisdom-oriented character could have made,” Cllr. Brumskine stated.

Up to present, the crisis in the Liberia Unification Party has now reached the bench of the Supreme Court of Liberia; something that may not allow the Party to contest the forth coming general and elections in 2005.

During the course of this year, Cllr. Brumskine said he had been cautioned by his advisors to quit the LUP due to the internal conflict that had engulfed the Party. His advisors had maintained that Brumskine’s desire to remake Liberia under the “rule of law” would not be stopped by a pretense of a legal battle that is being pursued by former chairman Isaac Mannah.

Numerous ameliorative interventions at resolving the dispute yielded no fruit as some forces allegedly within the Party proved to be unbending in their determination to keep the crisis ablaze. The motive for this political evil on the part of some executive members, it is reported, is yet to be known as information of external manipulation continues to abound. Now that Cllr. Brumskine has left, what will become of the party is still hanging in the balance.

The Party, since the beginning of this year has been involved in a legal battle with respect to the chairmanship, this situation has led the party in the state of ridicule.

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