Bryant, Klein In The Ring
-Throw Daggers Of Accusation, Counter Accusation


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

October 5, 2004

When NTGL’s Chairman Gyude Bryant took the media to task concerning reports on rampant corruption in his government, to produce evidence on those accords, and he could not hesitate to dismiss them, little did he know that he was throwing a monkey wrench in his leadership.

Despite his low-key attention accorded the constant reports by the media about corruption in both high and low places, the ink has not properly dried, when the UN Secretary-General Special Representative to Liberia, Ambassador Jacques Klein landed the axe on his (Bryant’s) neck at the just-ended security council meeting in New York, describing Chairman Bryant and his government as being the most corrupt administration he has ever seen.

Amb. Klein noted that Bryant-led government lacks transparency, cohesiveness and focus with officials of government more loyal to their various factions than the government they should be serving.

Touching on the internal power-struggle in LURD, the UNMIL boss said that if the in-fight does not stop, it could seriously undermine the on-going DDRR exercise that is gradually progressing.

Immediately upon his arrival from the Security Council meeting of heads of states, it was reported on the radio that Amb. Klein should prove his allegation with evidence that Chairman Bryant and his government are very corrupt.

Although Mr. Klein has not commented since his utterances in New York, most people interviewed by this paper said the ball is now in Amb. Klein’s court to prove and if proven, then Chairman Bryant can step aside in keeping with his own pronouncement to dismiss anyone in his government who can be proven guilty of corruption.

Observers say that Chairman Bryant should now be mindful that “town trap is not only for passers-by, but also for town dwellers”.

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