Bryant Wants UNMIL To Bite

By: Lewis K Glay

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

September 22, 2004

National Transitional Chairman Gyude Bryant has warned those fermenting chaos in the country to desist and give peace a chance.

Chairman Bryant said, the government may be a toothless bulldog but, according to him, UNMIL is here to provide security, adding, “UNMIL will bite.”

He noted that the cease-fire agreement as part of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) “prohibits dirty propaganda and lies that are going on,” emphasizing that whether somebody wants to provoke him to suppress human rights he will not do it. “But, you are doing more harm to the country than to Gyude Bryant because when you publish these lies the people in the outside read them but thank God that because you are publishing lies that’s why they still engage with us,” he said.

The Chairman also reiterated his unwavering decision on the appointment of Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh as president of the University of Liberia. He called on those in strong opposition to the appointment to abandon their plan because in his view “Dr. Conteh is qualified and has worked with the UN, EU and other international organizations and has the capacity to mobilize resources to help build up the University of Liberia.

Commenting on recent mob action, he called on Liberians not to take the laws into their own hands, indicating that the government in conjunction with UNMIL is doing everything possible to train the police to the “teeth” in order to deal with crimes.

Chairman Bryant also warned those opting for the postponement of the 2005 elections, to disengage same as according to him, “Any evil intent toward the holding of elections will not be tolerated. If you have evil intent because you don’t stand chance, change your evil intent because any attempt to defect the process we will come down on you,” he warned.

The Chairman, speaking on wide range of national issues also said the purchase of government’s vehicles was legitimate as well as the iron ore deal which he averred that government was accruing benefit on behalf of the Liberian people. The long awaited 25 buses earmarked the general public months ago, are expected to arrive at the end of September, according to the Chairman.

The NTGL head made these statements recently at the parlors of the Executive Mansion during a press conference prior to his departure to the United States to address the United Nations on the prospect of peace in Liberia.

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