2005 Begins! -‘Bryantic’ Ills vs Disappointed Masses



Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted January 4, 2005

Liberians have entered year two of the transitional period with the ills of the past including corruption in high places, standing as potential coefficient of year two of the transitional period.

Marching truth to the reality given the unending sour social and economic vicissitudes rocking and rolling the state and people as a result of the prevailing atmosphere of organized economic crime against the state by senior transitional actors, it can be safely said that Liberians of all walks of life see year two as another year of bleak or hopeless transition.

The potential darkness with which Monrovia is enveloped, the greed for wealth by the transitional players at the expense of the suffering masses, the negating trend of the CPA, and the heightening political ambition by self-styled politicians in the state yet detained by socio, political and economic vices are all visible telling examples.

One political analyst described the situation currently obtaining in Liberia as “neo-tyrannical era” and a calculated design by Bryant and his senior officials to create hell for the Liberian people.

There is common resentment winging from all corners against hike in the price of Liberian staple, rice-now being sold between US$35-40 per bag. Bryant and Commerce Minister Wlue are said to be allotting percentages in the inflation to their own advantage among other factors which clearly point to another angle of national suffering.

&Liberia is a nation still moving on a dangerous path,” said student Joseph Tuah of the University of Liberia.

Student Tuah believes that Liberia has a long way to reach the dawn of the new day-a day where men of balanced minds would be made to steer the ship of state.

He paid special tribute to the late President William R. Tolbert whose overthrow in a bloody coup d’etat’ ( April 12, 1980) he said marked the end of a truly moving nation and a beginning of political controversy and backwardness.

He historicized as saying that since the demise of Tolbert, Liberia’s unity has been spinning upon tribal feud, religious differences, political corruption and all related vices.

&Other than boosting of men of political worth, and virtues, Liberia has suffered and continues to suffer from poor management of state including subjugating nationalism to selfish interest,” he pointed out.

Taking a retrospective view of the past the average Liberian consider Tolbert as Liberia’s political angel whose vision for nation building was understood the other way around and therefore killed in cold blood.

A religious leader (name withheld) told FORUM in an interview yesterday that “when a nation kills a progressive leader and jubilates, such nation may as well dance to the drum of sorrow…”

& Instead of setting the pace and raise the standard of life of the Liberian people, Tolbert’s successor, M/Sgt. Samuel Kanyon Doe of the minority Krahn tribe introduced tribalism at the highest while witch-hunting became the order of the day.” The Baptist preacher continued “Doe’s successor Charles Taylor reintroduced Congoism while at the same time eroding value system by letting blind people lead the educated ones at crucial public places,” he also stressed.

At the moment Liberians are yearning for elections whereby Bryant would take his exit.

However, there is doubts winging in the minds of many critical thinkers as to the political purity and sincerity of the next elected leaders since the nation remains traditionally spinning upon loose social, political and economic foundation as a result of the corruptibly unchanged minds as far as state craft is concerned.

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