Charles Bennie Dropped on The Wayside


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 15, 2004

This paper has received credible information that the Commissioner of Customs and Excise at the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Charles Bennie has been suspended indefinitely.

A source at the Ministry told The FORUM last evening that Commissioner Bennie was suspended yesterday for what was referred to as “unruly behavior.”

Though our source did not say who ordered the commissioner’s indefinite suspension noted that it was an administrative procedure.

The source did not either say, against whom Charles Bennie exhibited his unruly behaviour.

The Commissioner of Custom and Excise has reportedly been in the constant habit of insulting and attempting to fight senior officials of the Finance Ministry.

An unimpeachable source in the Bureau of Custom also confirmed Bennie’s suspension, emphasizing that he may not even return, owning to the gravity of the reason for which he was suspended.

The source, a senior Custom official, said, the Commissioner was allegedly involved in an insurmountable scandal at the ministry.

Mr. Bennie once accused Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant of receiving a monthly revenue intake of US$7M, an allegation that he could not substantiate.

He once caused an uproar at the Freeport when he unilaterally attempted changing the senior collector Jeromy Ross, who refused to succumb to his “whims and caprices.”

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