Make Good Use of the Chinese Grant


By: Emmanuel S. King, Jr.

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted February 15, 2005

Recently, the Government of China through its Ambassador accredited to Liberia, Lin Songtian, donated US$6m to the Government of Liberia for the rehabilitation of the Samuel K. Doe Sports Stadium and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs respectively.

It is reported that the Government of Liberia will soon take delivery of the amount from a local bank and the Chinese have stressed on accounting procedures, stating that the money be used for the intended purpose.

What is troubling is the ability of the Liberian government to effectively use the amount for the two projects given the history of past governments whose inability to effectively handle grants and donations remains glaring..

The donation by the Chinese government is laudable and must be commended by all Liberians. What will be more commending is when the Transitional Government of Charles Gyude Bryant makes sure that every cent is used for the intended purpose and not to enrich anyone at the expense of the suffering masses.

Just a few days ago, on my way to Buchanan, I drove past the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex and seeing the deplorable condition from the outside I felt sorry for my country. With the donation hope has come alive and I am calling on the relevant authorities to make good use of donations and grants given to the people of Liberia by friendly nations and peoples of the world during the period of reconstruction in making sure that every penny is used as well as the last nail that is needed to be put into the renovation.

The Foreign Ministry of course needs renovation and must be made to look decent. I also call on the Foreign Minister to ensure that accountability and sincerity be the order of day during the renovation period. Same goes to the Minister of Youth and Sports.

Finally, the Liberian people are watching you whether you perform well or not. They will talk but may be able to do nothing because Liberia now is a place where the people have no power, but the world is a place where God reigns and every man will be judged according to his deeds. Jesus is the Unseen Judge.

Remember, good name is better than riches.

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