Rep. Cornomiah Opposes the Sale of Chinese Rice


By: Lewis K. Glay

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted February 8, 2005

A member of the Liberian Parliament, Joseph Cornomiah, has called on the government to desist from selling the rice donated by the Chinese Government for war-affected Liberians.

Assemblyman Cornomiah made the call yesterday in an interview with The FORUM newspaper in Monrovia when he visited its offices to address the rice issue.

He described such attempt by the Transitional Government as a dangerous precedence because according to him, “The rice was donated free of charge and needs to be distributed freely to benefit destitute Liberians.”

Assemblyman Cornomiah said to sell the food for US$20 per bag as it has been reported in the media especially when it was meant to ease the hardship the Liberians have been subjected to as a result of the 14-year bloody war, would bring the government and the people of Liberia to public, local and international ridicule.

Instead, he urged the government to use the food as a repatriation package for Liberians who are languishing in displaced camps, adding, “The rice is not for sale.”

He specifically reminded the Justice Ministry, which he said is on record to arrest and prosecute anybody found selling relief food, to ensure that the food donated by the Chinese Government is not sold to enrich anybody against the will of the Liberian people.

Commenting on the ongoing case regarding the hiking of rice price on the Liberian market, he said, negotiation was taking place in line with court procedure and that fair trial will depend on the justice system, adding, “Let’s wait and see.”

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