Disappointing Redeemers 2004

-Bryant Leads,Wlue Follows


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 28, 2004

The social, political and economic year 2004 has returned into the repository of history leaving behind men and women who performed in the cause of the state and people either positively or negatively.

Those who cared to write their names on the wall of history in a positive manner prepared themselves being called patriotic men and women of the year while others who were driven by don’t care attitude thereby keeping under the dust of corruption and other malpractices the interest of the state and people may well be described as disappointing redeemers.

At the ascendancy of Bryant and his corps of transitional officials, hopes and expectations of the suffering ordinary people being victimized by the 14-year senseless bloodbath have been raised to match the reality of Bryant’s own bugled transitional theory: “No More Business As Usual.”

That was construed in the elementary context by all to mean being a light in darkness and the true redeemer with respect to rearranging the economic and social foundation of the land as pre-requisite not only to next year’s general and presidential elections but as quencher of the people’s thirst for light and water and other essential social, political and economic links as a result of the war.

Contrary to this, Bryant chose to look beyond the transitional perimeter with the vision of making himself the richest man after he has stepped down. For instance, his promises were like a water vapor, while his problem-solving machinery had ‘thread-less’ tires. To the point where his promises could not march their reality, he was often booed several times during the year- the latest being the disgruntled marketers at Waterside Monrovia where, dressed in coat suit, he had gone to launch a clean-up campaign.

He was said to be described as “bad man” and a politically unworthy person whose interest is only to seek the nation’s dimes and nickels at the expense of the poor masses.

In concert with Commerce Minister Samuel Wlue, Chairman Bryant is said to have coerced rice dealers specifically the K & K Management to hike the price of rice from US 18, 19 and 20 dollars to 25 – 30 dollars per bag - a deal only aimed at transitional economic gain being done in an organized manner while the masses wallow in poverty, hunger and disease.

Commerce Minister Wlue who refused appearing before the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) Committee on Commerce even up to date to give reason for the hike in the price of rice is said to have completed his nest of riches having purchased and possessed luxury including fleet of cars, houses and several businesses while the poor people languish in abject poverty finding it difficult to cope with problem of food.

This is why we present them as Disappointing Redeemers of the Year hoping that they would reflect and see their ugly political heights and make quick adjustment because history written in the negative form and manner is tantamount to placing oneself upon the gallows of mockery and marginalization by the society.

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