“Liberians Are Ungrateful,” Says D. Wah Hne


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 31, 2004

The Special Assistant to House Speaker George Dweh has spoken of what he called “the ungratefulness of the people of Liberia towards their leaders, an attitude he said has contributed to the downward trend of the nation in all of its programs.

Mr. Hne said from Tubman era to the present the habit of persistent criticisms discontentment and disgruntlement have been the way of life of the Liberian people and would therefore crave for a change-a change he noted has often turned negative against expectation.

He said presently the same people are crying bitterly for these past leaders whom they had abused, criticised and wished they were dethroned so as to give way to social and economic fruition. He then wondered whether Liberians know what they want.

He said Tolbert was preferred to Tubman; Doe to Tolbert, Taylor to Doe and now they are preferring on elected government to Bryant transitional leaders believing that the next political administration may be all rosy.

Mr. Hne made these extemporaneous remarks at program marking the induction ceremony of officers of the Movement to Establish Peace, Justice and Unity in Liberia (MEPJUL), held in ELWA police substation Saturday, while deputizing for House Speaker George Dweh.

“Liberians are ungrateful”, he stressed, adding that with divided voice and division amongst them, they (Liberians) remain mute and see others take advantage of their rights, citing UNMIL as a classical example, which he said keeps Liberians denied of basic social services failing to expend the money given it for the intended purpose. “How many of you are asking as to how 95% of the money given UNMIL is used?” he asked

He urged Liberians to unite, create a positive vision as a way of taking the nation off the hook of poverty and all other vices.

Quoting former American President Abraham Lincoln, he said, “If we do not hang together we will hang separately.”

He ruled out the possibility of anyone attempting to overthrow the transitional administration, apparently dispelling recent media report stating that Speaker Dweh was part of a plan to overthrow the Bryant administration.

He said Charles Julu attempted such during the presence of ECOMOG and it did not work, and doubted the possibility of such plan in the presence of UNMIL.

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