So Are The Eyes of Bryant?



Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 8, 2004

TIME AND AGAIN Transitional Head of State Charles Gyude Bryant and his administration have proven to be short-sighted and perhaps less concerned in dealing with the core of Liberia’s vices, corruption.

AT EVERY PUBLIC pronouncement he has proven not to be seeing the uncontainable rate of corruption permeating the society at all levels in government, yet he claims not to be seeing one.

HE CONTINUES THEREFORE to ask the press and public to arrest corruption and let him see it physically for his own conviction and perhaps action.

THE QUESTION THEN that may linger in the minds of all concerned is that when will the eyes of the Chairman detect and see corruption?

SO ARE THE of Chairman Bryant that they don’t see the increment arranged in the price of rice only to selfishly benefit a few passers-by politicians?

INDEED, IT IS disheartening that a government placed in to set the economic record strength could not see those ills that have devastated the financial foundation of the land.

WE URGE CHAIRMAN Bryant therefore to wear effective lens of politics and he will see that the land is bleeding because of corruption.

IF THE GOLD rusts what can the iron do? In other words if government that controls security watch-dog to arrest economic crime fails to do so, what can the ordinary people do?

Time is running out to the disadvantage of the poverty stricken poverty. Let Bryant raise the curtain of his windows and see the corruption passing in their drove.

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