FDP Cracks - Vice Chair Says There Are Two Presidential Hopefuls


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted January 11, 2005

As the period of 2005 general and presidential elections is fast approaching, political meningitis’ seems to be eroding the fabrics of Free Democratic Party (FDP) given the emergence of two factions within the party over the standard-bearer post.

Speaking to journalist over the weekend in Monrovia, FDP Vice Chairman for Mobilization and Recruitment, Solomon G. Khan, said: “The National Executive Committee (NEC) of FDP will not sit here and allow any one like Elliot Ordooh and his collaborators to make mockery out of democracy,” adding, “we therefore condemn the statement made by Elliot Ordooh on several media stations that FDP has only one recognized presidential hopeful.”

Mr. Khan said they (executives) described the statement made by Ordooh as “unfortunate and diabolical.” He said while it is true that the party has no standard-bearer, there are two presidential hopefuls in persons of Dr. Robert M. Kpoto and Mr. David Farhat.

According to him, “The Chairman of FDP appeared on many talk shows and made the citizens and the world to know that FDP has two presidential hopefuls (Messrs Kpoto and Farhat) and he [Ciapha Gborlie] was a twin mother.”

Mr. Khan told journalists that this is something everyone in the country can attest to. He indicated that for anyone to come now and contradict previous information given the public “whose cassette recording can be made available for evidence, should be seen or viewed as paid politician whose desire is to bury the truth for cash.”

The FDP Vice Chairman further noted that as members of National Executive Committee, under no condition can they sit here and remain mute to allow anyone or group of individuals to say that FDP has only one presidential hopeful.

He said the information given by Mr. Ordooh “lacks iota of truth and was only intended to fool Mr. David Farhat and rob him of his meager resources,” adding, “our position is to reveal the truth until it is heard and seen by the true patriots.”

Recently, the Assistant Secretary for Press and Propaganda of FDP, Elliot S. Ordooh, in his press conference at the party’s headquarters said Mr. Farhat is the only known presidential hopeful of FDP.

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