Monrovia Fishing Corp. Contributes to “RR” Program
-Sets to Train 200 Ex- Combatants

Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted February 17, 2005

Preparations are being affected by the Monrovia Fishing Corporation to train about 200 ex-combatants desirous of becoming Marine engineers, fishermen, greasers, winchmen and other marine related skills.

The two- circle training program with total duration of sixteen months is expected to add impetus to the Rehabilitation and Reintegration (RR) program- a significant element of the ongoing peace process.

Speaking to FORUM at his Free Port office, the Executive President of the establishment Mr. Lawrence Doe said a vessel – Eldersterdt is nearing a circle of rehabilitation and would be used for the practical aspect of the program.

He said the MFC, given its own vigor and desire to contribute meaningfully to the “RR” program would do everything in its power to make the training a success.

He expressed MFC’s interest in producing people who would be of added advantage to the growth and development of the society.

Our reporter who was carried on a site seeing tour of the vessel saw the progress being made including the revamped captain bridge, room to accommodate about 20 students and other key areas that are vital to the training.

The training program itself is being eagerly embraced by desirous ex-combatants who converge daily at the premises of the MFC compound awaiting the commencement of the program.
Many of them who spoke to our reporter expressed defined future in the program and said they would at all cost take advantage of the opportunity.

The MFC joins the hundreds implementing partners with regards to the “RR” program at a time when the irreversibility of the peace process cannot be over emphasized and when there was need to initiate the thousands roaming ex-combatants into meaningful training programs.

Among other things the MFC anticipates establishing fish ponds in the interior of Liberia to export fish and other marine products to Europe and the USA.

In a project proposal submitted to the NCDDRR/JIU the MFC authorities expressed unconditional commitment to being partner as to the success of the RR program considering it as the key stabilizing factor of the peace process.

According to the project proposal, the two- circle of training would cost USD280,000.
The MFC is recorded in the fishing industry as historically efficient and productive with an organized staff versed in marine related activities.

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