World Court Invites Taylor’s Lawyer


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

October 13, 2004

Credible information emanating from diplomatic circles have it that exiled Liberian President, Charles Taylor is to appear before the International Court in The Hague, Netherlands, to answer to allegations of crimes committed against humanity during the Liberian Civil War.

As a prelude to Taylor’s appearance, his counselor, Francis Garlawolo who is also Bong County Representative to the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA), has surfaced in The Hague to pre-testify before that World Court against his client Charles Taylor.

Cllr. Garlawolo is said to have been invited by the President of the International Criminal Law Net (ICLN) P.H. Korijmans.

He is said to have broken ranks with the group of legal counsels representing the interest of the exiled Liberian president at the eleventh hour. His departure away from the views of the rest of the team members reportedly prompted his replacement by Counselors Kobia Johnson, former Liberia’s justice minister.

While in the Netherlands, Cllr, Garlawolo is expected to provide evidence to that war court. Diplomatic sources said, the World Court might be calling for Taylor’s trial, instead of a U.N. Backed Sierra Leone Court which is yet to take hold of the living body of Taylor.

Legal document in possession of this paper also reveals that the much publicized transfer of Taylor from Nigeria to Sierra Leone, may not hold water, as he may be going to the Hague in the future to answer to allegation of crimes committed during the Liberian civil war.

As a means of gathering evidence, Mr. Garlawolo is expected to give a broad picture of Taylor’s role to academicians, policy makers, and legal professionals in the field of International Law through the ICLN.
In similar manner, several Liberian lawyers, including Taylor’s close legal minded associates are being tipped to give clues to his (Taylor) activities.

Cllr. Garlawolo himself worked closely with Taylor during the days of the National Patriotic Party (NPFL) revolution and subsequently became Bong County senator under Taylor regime.
He was said to have organized several bogus human right organizations in the Taylor’s control area during the war.

A presidential hopeful, Cllr. Garlawolo is said to be oscillating between Europe and America to defame the character of his friend and client, allegedly to gain favor for the highest office.

Recently, on hearing information of Garlawolo’s invitation to the Hague, Taylor is said to have organized a meeting with Garlawolo through his (Taylor) son-Philip Taylor who came to Monrovia on a mission to get Garlawolo over to Calaba. However, said meeting did not materialize according to a highly placed source.
On hearing about the development, The FORUM contacted the NTLA offices of the lawmaker, but was only informed by an office aid, “The Chief is not in the country.” With the reported departure of Counsellor Galawlo from Taylor there is conclusion in the minds of many persons that Taylor’s once angels are turning into foes.
Investigation continues.

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