NTGL Faces Public Criticism for Implementing UN Mandate, But…

By: Lewis K. Glay


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

October 26, 2004

The National Transitional Government is under going public criticism for implementing the United Nations Security Council’s mandate by freezing the assets of former GOL officials.

Critics of the NTGL including some NTLA members, who represent former GOL believe that the trend is likely to jeopardize the unfolding peace process because according to them victims of the scheme would cry foul of witch hunting.

Chairman Bryant’s Advisor on the scrupulous implementation of the Accra Peace Agreement (CPA), Blamoh Nelson, said the CPA does not call for the freezing of assets of former officials of the Taylor’s regime.

Mr. Nelson in an exclusive interview with our reporter recently at the Executive Mansion emphatically noted that as a founding member of the UN, Liberia has the obligation to comply with the Security Council Resolution, such as the case of freezing the assets of people who were placed on travel ban for the alleged exploitation of the nation’s economy.

He squally pointed out that neither Chairman Bryant nor the NTGL has direct influence over the decision to freeze the assets of Liberians on the basis of what he called a “conditionality.”

Mr. Nelson opinionated that the peace process will not be derailed because of the ongoing scenario in that the mandate came as a result of Liberians’ own public outcry about their resources being plundered by the Taylor regime to benefit a minority group while the average Liberians continue to lie in abject poverty.

He however averred that it is the right of the Liberian people to constructively engage the United Nations as to the impact of the exercise on the peace process so that if need be a consensus can be amicably reached to lay the situation to rest.

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