Let's Uphold The Greatness Of Our Land


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted March 29, 2005


IT IS HISTORICALLY given that the Liberian nation is great and resourceful in terms of human and material resources.

THE HUMAN RESOURCES have to do with the determined and patriotically prone masses, whose basic goal is to live together in unity peace as well as under an atmosphere of national reconciliation enjoying cultural, social and economic freedom.

THE MATERIAL RESOURCES have to do with the abundant natural provisions regarding the gold, diamonds, oil, and rubber among other things.

IT CAN THEN be logically and practically understood, that God of all creations has placed us in a rich position as nation and people to be able to define life in the context of social, economic and cultural efficacy.

WHAT THEN BECOMES much compelling is to hold together in unity and let the greatness of the land shine.

IT GOES TO say that we are under obligation to live with peace, cultivate the culture of making maximum use of our natural resources including material and human, cultivate all constituent elements of modern civilization whose limelight no nation can afford to eschew.

IT IS VERY shameful that as old as Liberia is, she remains ineffectually spiraling upon the corridor of undevelopment while its people sit painfully low under poverty, ignorance and disease.

CORRUPTION IN ITS established traditional form and manner has never ceased to depart its political activities thereby making the masses vulnerable and always unhappy while a few sit possessed with the marrow or national joy at all social, political and economic levels.

WE FEEL THIS is not the right way a nation should move. Obviously any nation who elects to abuse God’s golden rule: Be Your Brothers’ Keepers stand to live in intermittent chaos. Thus, let us uphold this great land by doing those things that are right, because peace which is naturally the cream of co-existence depends on national fair play and sincerity.

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