School Principal Wants Chairman Bryant’s Intervention

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

October 26, 2004

The Principal of the Mesurado International School, Isaac S. Kolenky, has called on the NTGL Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant to prevail on the school’s proprietress, Carmenia Tolbert, to pay his just salary and severance pay.

Mr. Kolenky, in a letter addressed to Forum’s Management, said he has worked for Mrs. Tolbert as principal for the Mesurado International School for over six years under tedious circumstances.

He alleged that the proprietress has been insensitive to his plight despite his undeterred commitment to help keep the school running even at the time she abandoned it.

Mr. Kolenky in his letter, said, because Mrs. Tolbert claims to be a wealthy woman, coupled with her connection with Chairman Bryant, she has remained adamant to pay him.

The situation, he said, prompted him to go to the media, thereby involving the Labour Ministry and Mrs. Tolbert’s representatives - Winston Tolbert and Bill Yancy whose intervention reportedly led to her request for ten and half months arrears payroll but said document has not been given full consideration.

According to Mr. Kolenky, what he continues to receives are insults and threats from Mrs. Tolbert in a bid to discourage him from requesting his pay while at the same time the school remains closed.

He disclosed that due to such inhumane hardships, his children are presently out of school and is therefore calling on Chairman Bryant and other human rights organizations to come to his rescue by prevailing on Mrs. Tolbert to pay his salary arrears and severance pay to enable him send his kids to school.

However, efforts to contact Mrs. Tolbert failed as many attempts to reach her never materialized. Our investigation continues.

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