Suspended Assemblyman Throws ‘Bomb’ at NTLA

By: Lewis K. Glay

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted March 29, 2005


Suspended assemblyman Edward Kpulun has written the Liberian Parliament an irritating letter which many lawmakers have described as “defiant” to that august body.

The letter which was read last Thursday at the plenary by Chief Clerk James Kabba, quoted suspended lawmaker Kpulum as referring to the current acting NTLA leadership as a “bogus procedural arrangement that is counter productive to parliamentary ethics.”

The letter was specific about the Special Investigative Committee’s Report to which all assemblymen subscribed but which he (Kpulun) said copies were not distributed to members of the House nor was the report discussed conclusively.

Suspended lawmaker Kpulun’s letter further argued that the session at which the report was submitted did not proceed to its logical end. “How then can any wise individual be coerced into complying with a request emanating from a monkey wrench arrangement?” he inquired.

The letter further argued that there was no specific indication in the entire report citing any financial malfeasance or corruption on his (Kpulun) part as Chairman of Rules and Order. “Why should anyone presume outside of the committee’s report that I’m guilty of charges not stated and allegation not confirmed or documented within the report?”the Assemblyman further questioned.

He noted that it was a sheer witch-hunting or envious guilt by association that he suppose to plead guilty because some people maliciously subscribe to the notion that once they are not in leadership nobody must be.

The letter also described the process of electing the present acting NTLA leadership as “miscarriage of parliamentary norms and legal ethics” which he (Kpulun) said as an educator, he cannot submit to.

He maintained his innocence and insisted that he is still the NTLA Chairman on Rules and Order and as such he will not submit or comply with the demand contained in the letter addressed to him by the current leadership until due process is allowed to prevail. “When I am duly charged and convicted with those involved in the alleged financial and administrative malpractices, I will be prepared to graciously submit to any decision reached thereof,” he maintained.

Meanwhile, the NTLA has extensively deliberated on the intent of the communication with variant recommendations from a cross section of lawmakers many of whom termed the action of their suspended colleague as “an affluent and public ridicule to them.”

Some called for an immediate decision to expel suspended assemblyman Kpulun but unanimously it was resolved that the sergeant-at-arm be ordered to retrieve those government properties in Kpulun’s possession with the help of other state security agents.

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