We Present Our Laurels to the Dead


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted March 8, 2005

LIBERIANS WILL ON tomorrow, Wednesday, honor the universal dictates of paying special tributes to their dead when observing the Liberian tradition regarding the observance of the day.

ACCORDINGLY, FLOWERS ARE being procured as well as befitting elements that have to do with decorating the final resting places of the dead commonly known as grave yards.

WHILE IT IS important and memorable to honor the dead, we think that the day should give us renewed courage, zeal and new vision in holding the ground regarding sharing love and making things right in the sight of God.

WHEN WE SHALL have uniquely decorated those graves, let it become binding that we decorate our individual minds by upholding law and order, observing the culture of patriotism and nationalism.

LET SOBER REFLECTION be the considered fulcrum of the day and not mere merry-making which usually lead the crux of the tradition required.

WE JOIN LIBERIANS in presenting our share of laurels to the dead therefore hoping that the day would equally invoke a new sense of direction and inspiration in the minds of many others.

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