LRTC Embarks on Development Programs in Pleebo

By: Bobby Addison
Pleebo, Maryland County


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 31, 2004

The Rubber Trading Corporation (LRTC) in Pleebo, Maryland County, is said to have embarked on a series of development programs to benefit its employees.

According to LRTC’s Managing Director, Camille Charafedine, the management has constructed eight hand-pumps to alleviate the water problem being faced by the employees. He said the workers and their dependents used to suffer from constant outbreak of water-born diseases because of drinking water fetched from the creeks.

Mr. Charafedine said more pumps would be installed to cover the entire management area. He also indicated that the clinic, which used to be closed due to civil war, is now functional with sufficient drugs to treat the workers and their beneficiaries.

The LRTC boss said the management gets its drugs from the Ivory Coast due to its proximity to the area, adding that critical cases that cannot be handled at the clinic are referred to J.J. Dossen Hospital in Harper. According to him, they have put into place proper mechanism to feed patients admitted at the clinic.

When questioned on the educational aspect for his workers’ children, Mr. Charafedine said, the corporation is running the only high school in the area free of charge where employees and non-employees’ children are receiving education. He said instructors are paid at least US$100 per month, stating, “It is our responsibilities to provide health and education to our people.”

When quizzed as to why his corporation is doing business with Ivory Coast instead of country operating from, the LRTC manager said the bad road condition coupled with lack of banking facilities, has compelled his management to sell the produce into Ivory Coast in order to meet up with salary payment and other obligations.

However, Mr. Charafedine has disclosed that plans are afoot for his corporation and the Firestone Management to get into business as soon as arrangements are concluded.

LRTC took over the management from the Cavalla Rubber Company in last year October.

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