Let There Be Media Against Media Poverty



Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted March 2, 2005

THERE IS AN absolute poverty striking the Liberian media so much so that they lack the expected independence in terms of economic vibrancy needed to enhance the growth of media and their practitioners in the practical way along the path of the transitional period.

AT THE MOMENT the print media in particular shoulder the herculean task of meeting high cost of printing at private printing houses while other related costs including personnel management in terms of suitable wages, equipment among others exist at the lowest ebb.

WHILE WE APPRECIATE the idea of Media Against HIV-AIDS, Media Against Conflict, we feel the media would not ably and victoriously overcome these ills, if they continue to wrangle and bramble in abject poverty.

IF THE MEDIA MUST play the crucial role of organizers as in the case of holy matrimony they and their practioners must be made to stand upon a solid economic ground that their true colors regarding independence can shine – shine above, “katorism [bribery],” shine above partisan role, shine above the whim and caprices of politicians, shine above malicious reporting among others.

WE THINK THE UNMIL should begin to share the promised US9.5 million dollars they said is being set aside for the growth and development of the crawling Liberian media.

IN THAT WAY the media would have overcome poverty while their independence would shine with the color of nationalism.

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