More Pressure on Taylor


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted March 2, 2005

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor is now a worried man despite allegations that he is a millionaire in his own rank.

International pressure on Mr. Taylor and his host, President Olusegun Obasanjo, continues to be mounted for his (Taylor) extradition to the war crime court in Freetown, Sierra Leone to face trial for crime committed against humanity.

Latest reports from the European Union Parliament in Brussels say EU Parliamentarians have asked the Nigerian Government to hand over Charles Taylor to Sierra Leone to face trial.

According to reports, the EU Parliament considers Charles Taylor to still be a threat to the sub-region and the international peace and would like for him to be tried.

Similar attempt had been made in the past especially with the US Government and the Nigerian Human Right lawyers on other organizations for Nigeria to hand over Taylor to the court in Sierra Leone to face justice.

But, the Nigeria Leader, Obasanjo, said he won’t bow down to pressure to send Taylor over to Sierra Leone. He said the going to Calaba, Nigeria by Charles Taylor was with the acquiescence of international community in line with the Liberian peace process.

President Obasanjo said the only way he will allow Taylor to leave Nigeria is through the request of democratically elected government of Liberia.

With the latest request from the European parliament for Nigeria to hand over Taylor, observers are waiting to see what next course of action that West African country will take.

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