NTGL Fails The People - Says Madam Sirleaf


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 28, 2004

The Chairman of Governance Reform Commission (GRC), Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, has been cataloguing factors that made the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) to have failed the people of Liberia in2004; writes Josiah S. Hallie.

Mrs. Sirleaf noted that the NTGL failed in providing social services because most of those in government were concerned with their political agenda, brushing aside the interest of the masses.

She also attributed the failure of government to what she described as “difficult power-sharing arrangement” occasioned by the Accra Peace Agreement where many of the players lack the requisite commitment to development.

The GRC boss who was speaking to journalists recently in Monrovia in her reflection on the activities of the government during the course of 2004, said even though she is part of the government as head of the Governance Reform Commission, she had to admit that the government failed miserably in spite of human and natural resources available to it.

She criticized the government for doing little in providing these basic social services such as water and light to the Liberian people in 2004.

According to Mrs. Sirleaf, government would have made much more progress in the area of development since the signing of the Peace Accord if those in NTGL were committed to development.

THE FESTIVITIES THAT USUALLY attend Christmas and New Year seasons still loom over the nation and people, with suppressed joy and happiness rising and falling here, there and yonder.

WE CONSIDER IT suppressed joy and happiness because the nation is yet to achieve total deliverance in terms of light and water to the densely populated city of Monrovia.

OBVIOUSLY IN THE wake of such situation where darkness has turned potential custodian of the city, while water is yet to come home, there is joy and happiness but one without real essence.

WITH POLITICAL CORRUPTION, now the systematic order of the day thereby contributing to the sky rocketing prices of goods on the market, the war wearied masses certainly could not define Christmas and the New Year in line with its traditional fragrance.

THE QUESTION WE ask is who sees the dark cloud beyond these seasons? We are talking about the dark cloud of endless organized corruption by state officials-the dark cloud of empty political ambitions-the dark cloud of local and international conspiracies against the growth and development of the Liberian nation and the dark cloud of commercializing the transitional period by certain ill-intent individuals.

INDEED, FOLLOWING THESE seasons, the problem of school fees, rental among others in the absence of no job, no pay syndrome will surely be knocking the doors of parents.

THESE ARE THE dark cloud we are talking about which bear elements of national chaos.

PLEASE, STATE OFFICIALS deal with these situations and truly save the state.

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