As Dr. Conteh’s Induction Date Draws Closer: NTLA Waters UL Crisis


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

September 7, 2004

The National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) Plenary which had promised to find an amicable solution to the foaming situation at University of Liberia (UL), has reportedly moved to calm the storm.

A source close to the UL Faculty Association has hinted The FORUM that the Plenary has asked all sides in the crisis to hold their positions until a compromise is reached into the matter. Our source who is also a member of ULFA, said negotiation is still taking place as the NTLA is in contact with all sides in the matter.

He said although ULFA is not advocating for Dr. James Kollie to remain as president, Plenary has asked that he hangs on until the issue is resolved. Our reporter who visited the office of Dr. Kollie close to the end of last week, was told that the Acting President was packing his documents in preparation to quit the office.

At the same time, information reaching The FORUM says Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh, the man whose appointment is creating tension at the university is expected to be inducted this week. It has been learnt that Dr. Conteh has been making telephone calls to some members of ULFA in an attempt to calm the opposition against his taking over as president of UL.

Although our source did not say whether or not those members of ULFA who Dr. Conteh might have allegedly been reaching through phone calls have bowed down, there are still signs that ULFA remains firm on its position.
Meanwhile, it has been learnt that during ULFA’s meeting with NTLA member Commeny Wesseh over the weekend, it is alleged that ULFA had dropped one its key demands that the UL president come from within. ULFA said that it will accept anyone outside of the university other than Dr. Conteh.

It can be recalled that Chairman Gyude Bryant last August appointed Dr. Conteh as president of UL. Replacing Dr. Kollie amidst rejection from the ULFA.

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