Ambassador Blaney Assures Liberians



Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted February 4, 2005

Amb. John Blaney
Photo © IRIN
The United States Ambassador to Liberia, John Blaney, has assured Liberians of his government’s commitment to reconstruct the country devastated by the 14-year-old war.

In his remarks at the ceremony for the launching of the “Operation Pothole” in Jallah Town, Amb. Blaney said, “It is indeed an honor and privilege to be part of this ground breaking event. Today’s drainage cleaning is the official launching of what has been dubbed “Operation Pothole.” Later on, we are going to see these potholes filled.”

According to him, this activity will provide much needed employment opportunities for Liberian citizens and particularly for ex-combatants, adding, “just as important, this program and similar ones else will build a stronger sense of pride and civic duty here in Monrovia and elsewhere in Liberia.”

“You know, when people see that their environment is becoming more functional and clean, they have more desire to build peace, normality and prosperity,” the US envoy noted.

He said they are aware that there are many more Liberians who are in need of jobs and other areas and cities that are in need of clean-up operations, stating that LCIP is on the job elsewhere as well at many locations. “Rest assured that there will be more employment opportunities and public service activities to come in the near future. In addition to activities like these, there will be construction projects and activities that focus on reintegrating community members,” Ambassador Blaney further assured Liberians.

The US envoy said there is also training; in fact, there are already about 10,000 LCIP employees in Liberia, and I am proud of them. Most of them are ex-combatants from all the former factions. This program and other programs will grow bigger.”

He said the American government is committed to partnering with the Liberian government and all Liberians to ensure a peaceful and more prosperous New Liberia.”

“I commend the Government of Liberia, and more specifically the Ministry of Public Works, for its contribution to this effort. Thanks also go to UNMIL for collaborating and working as partners in this much needed operation. But, most of all, I want to commend the LCIP employees who are doing the work and “Building a New Liberia. Things are getting better,” Amb. Blaney emphasized.

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