Lord, Let Them Beware Of The Satan Of Politics


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

October 19, 2004

The heat and momentum of the 2005 general and presidential elections gradually take gravity as days and nights pass along.

The elections are expected to graduate Liberia from today’s form and manner of governance dominated by warlords and quackistic type of politicians whose primary aim has been proven to be lovers of luxuries, practioners of rampant corruption, evaders of nationalistic mode of governance.

There are bellowing voices and bitter resentment over the way the transitional arrangement is being pursued. Poverty and all of its associated difficulties are potentially present given the growing dimension of corruption aimed at selfish gains against the interest of the already economically unhealthy land.

Already about thirty persons have thrown their hats in the presidential race all promising and raising the hopes of the Liberian people that they are capable of building a Liberia replete with joy and happiness, equality, liberty and the rule of law.

Judging from the immediate past and the present where disappointment, frustration, and depravation have been apportioned to the people, all eyes are set as to who takes the nation and its people from the nightmare come 2005.

Against this background, we add our voice of supplication to the God of politics to help the people choose the rightful leaders this time around.

Let God help them, because in the past their eagerness and thirst have led them into embracing and voting to power their crucifiers taking them to be the true redeemers.

The crucifiers usually come with flying colours, but turned the other way around.
The crucifiers have sugarcoated tongues by which they managed to convince the people. They usually come armed with rhetoric during elections eve marching with the flags of empty promises and pledges.

And again, the people, plagued by poverty, hunger and disease at high frequency would blindly jump behind perceived saviors seeing not their hidden agenda.

Lord let them be far sighted that they may base their evaluation on true example of patriotism.

In the absence of that, you lord would soon hear the whooping noise of your children when their perceived saviors turn into the Satan of politics.

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