Let Commerce Minister Explain


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted March 22, 2005


THE HIKE IN the prices of essential commodities on the Liberia market have sky-rocketed to an enormous proportion so much so that the consuming public has been plunged into a position thereby being victims at all levels – social and economic.

THE POOR MASSES, already fatigued and fighting to gain redemption from the trauma of war, now find it difficult if not impossible to purchase rice and cement which prices have swollen to US$40 and US$10 dollars respectively.

IN THE FACE of this sour situation, the Ministry of Commerce has planted signboards all over the city representing what it calls; government’s approved price listing. According to the Commerce Ministry’s so-called declaration, a bag of rice is put at US$20, cement at US$6.50 among many others thus suggesting that indeed that is the reality on the ground.

WHAT IS HOWEVER ironical is that right under the signboards rice and cement are sold at high prices suggesting a big contraction- call it a clear defiance.
AGAINST THIS BACKGROUND, we want Commerce Minister Samuel Wlue to provide reasons because what is politically perilous in any society is to live and act outside the range of reality.

WE SEE THIS as sheer mockery and an added injury to the already suffering masses whose lives are being jeopardized as a result of the rampant corruption and acts of political deceits scary over the entire country in the Bryant led transitional administration.

COMMERCE MINISTER, PLEASE provide reasons or else remove your signboards and stop teasing the suffering and hanger stricken people of Liberia.

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