US Embassy Empowers Journalists


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

September 7, 2004

Over one hundred Liberian journalists were proud recipients of mini tape recorders from the Public Affairs Office of the United States Embassy.

This gesture was a result of a two-day Follow-up Symposium Workshop for Liberian Journalists organized by the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) and the U.S. Embassy Office of Public Affairs held at the YMCA.

The workshop brought together several media specialists who spoke on various topics. Among them was Lekan Olagunju, Executive Secretary-NSIAC/American Corner, Nigeria.

He spoke on the topics: Liberia Media Challenges; Good English: Vehicles of Good Writing and Repositioning the Media for Complex Challenges of Information and Reconstruction in Contemporary Liberia.

Also speaking was Medina Wesseh, Senior Project Development Officer of Liberia Transitional Initiative (LTI). Mrs. Wesseh who spoke on the topic: USAID Media Development Program, called on journalists to take advantage of the computer training opportunity being offered by her institution and the UNDP.

She said LTI would like to work in partnership with PUL to help build the capacity of Liberian journalists in computer training, saying, “we will provide computers [which have already been made available but not yet delivered to PUL], while the UNDP will sponsor the training program.”

For his part, UNDP communication expert, Paul Van Goethem, who spoke on the topic: UNDP Media Development, admonished journalists to make use of the training program to enhance their capacity.

Mr. Goethem said what is obtaining now is just smaller training package for Liberian journalists while the bigger package is underway. According to him, they have put together a proposal package for US 9 million dollars to build up media capacity in Liberia.

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