Voting Is Not The Answer - Klein

Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted March 8, 2005

UN Special Representative to Liberia Amb. Jacques Paul Klein has observed that voting is not the only answer to Liberia’s multiple problems ranging from social, economic cultural and political but the collective will of the people of Liberia to lead a progressive path towards total emancipation at all shades of life.

Mr. Klein said given the enormous natural resources of the land, it was binding for the people to utilize their vision and mold the state that it may reflect a place worthy of holding its citizens under an atmosphere of educational, agricultural and health security.

He made these and other remarks when delivering a closing remark at the end of a two-day symposium on the way forward in developing the capacity of the Liberian media. Mr. Klein spoke of the high rate of illiteracy engulfing the people of Liberia expressing regret that the youths in whose hands should fall the future of the land, are illiterate at the highest rate more than the parents.

He also regretted that in the face of all these threatening potential vices there were people just taking pleasure in beating drums of political ambitions aimed at occupying public offices.

He informed the symposium that Liberia, given its depreciation of all levels of life, has lost its seat among the comity of nations regarding possible consideration when it comes to the interest of the world community.

The symposium recognized the biting problems affecting the Liberian media and advanced several recommendations aimed at strengthening the Liberian media. Poverty and the isolation of the media by the international community were among key issues that were observed to be part of the potential hindrances facing the media.

The massive participation of women based upon corresponding incentives were also stressed.

Improved road network to enhance a free access of the rural parts by the media and the PUL code of electoral conduct were also mentioned as vital elements to the political season.

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