Let The Watching Eyes See And The Listening Ears Hear



Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted March 16, 2005


THE WIND OF confusion and heated controversy which has over the past weeks blown across the corridor of the House of Representatives finally swept Speaker George Dweh, his Deputy Cllr. Eddington Varmah and others into the firkin of indefinite suspension.

DWEH, VARMAH HAD reportedly stood undaunted out rightly refusing to submit to the probe and resorted to organizing gangs to disrupt the proceedings noticing that an impeachment or suspension would have ensued.

IN ADDITION TO war of words, which characterized the entire scenario, there were physical assaults and a holistic frame of friction thereby bringing the Capitol Building to a standstill.

THE EVENTUAL ACTION leading to the suspension of Speaker Dweh and others suggests the absolute power of the Capitol Building – the power which equally requires men and women who are unique in identifying ills and their mongers thus taking steps fearlessly to correct them.

NOW THAT SPEAKER Dweh and his deputy have finally hunched to the voice of the people, we feel it warrants the listening ears to hear and the watching eyes to see.

IT GOES TO say that power driven carelessly on the rough road is nothing but power that could run off the right track.

WHAT COULD BE drawn from the Capitol Building scenario is that the power of the gun cannot supersede that planted upon the corridor of democracy.

THOSE WHO SPRANG to power through the barrel of gun by factional channel – a condition which the Liberian people were forced to except for peace sake, should take heed and guide themselves accordingly.

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