Your Action Is Our Expectation


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

October 26, 2004

A USAID/LTI, AND UNDP sponsored Resource Center aimed at beefing up the professional capacity of Liberian media practioners at various levels was recently launched in Monrovia with the availability of about 27 computers.

IF ALL GOES well given the attending whirling spirit as far as the initiators of the center may be concerned, Liberian journalists would attain yet another significant angle of professional rebirth since hopefully following the period of six months they would be registered members of the world of Computer Literates-the world which now stands as unavoidable refinery as far as today’s journalism operations are required.

WE JOIN ALL concerned in presenting to the sponsors of this worthy venture our share of the commendation package because we think this is time for actions to speak for rhectoric.

THE USAID/LTI and UNDP example germinates the hope and enthusiasm of the media practitioners and would definitely set the pace for processional running race which Liberian journalists presently find themselves.

WE BELIEVE SUCH action is a recipe for dynamism and soul revival as far as the journalistic responsibility is concerned.

WE ENCOURAGE SUCH actions in other areas by other UN agencies because the employment of actions remain the best instrument in transforming this crunching nightmare so that ours could be a truly safe haven where majority of the people would speak competence, act competence, if not signing the chorus of professionalism.

INDEED, YOUR ACTION is our expectation.

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