Grand Geddeh Association Issues Resolution at the end of Conference

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Posted June 4, 2002

We, the citizens of the Republic of Liberia hailing from Grand Gedeh County and residing in the Americas, having convened in the City of Upper Darby, State of Pennsylvania, from May 24-26, 2002 to discuss issues concerning Grand Gedeans at home and the state of the national Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas, Inc. do hereby resolve as follows:

1. UNITY: Acknowledging the diversity that we celebrate in Grand Gedeh County, and realizing that our survival depends on our ability to overcome our differences; and being convinced that the bitter division of the Liberian people as a result of the brutal civil war is a major impediment to restoring peace to our country; and being concerned that the Liberian Government is sidestepping issues that are paramount to genuine peace and reconciliation; hereby resolve:

2. EDUCATION: Realizing that Grand Gedeh County lags behind many of the other counties in Liberia in the area of development, and being convinced that the only way to close this gap is through quality education, hereby resolve:

3. HEALTH: We acknowledge that good health is essential to the reconstruction of Grand Gedeh County. An unhealthy society is an unproductive society. Therefore, we commit ourselves to provide medical supplies to the health facilities in the county.

Respectfully Submitted

By The Resolution Committee

Jackson N. Wonde - Chairman

Arthur K. Droe - Member

Edmund Z. Bargblor - Member

Arthur Watson - Member

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