Open Letter to Charles Taylor

By Jesse B. Ghoah

The Perspective

February 8, 2002

Mr. Taylor: I have felt guilty for the past 12 years, having made a contribution to your evil and criminal activities against the Liberian people and being one of your earlier victims; when you first launched your con game to hijack the Liberian people, and to pillage and plunder the country of its resources in late 1989.

Mr. President, before 1989, I had never seen you nor heard your name among the circle of people I associated with. But when you gave Zangba Brown a radio interview in October/November 1989, I was very excited when you promised the world and the Liberian people that you were going to remove Samuel Doe from power by any means possible and that your only interest was to remove Samuel Doe from power; but you were not interested in becoming president of Liberia yourself. Remember, in that interview, you also asked the Liberian people to help you financially so that you could buy communication equipment? Hearing that interview on Zangba Brown’s network News in New York City, I was encouraged that somebody was finally going to rid Liberia of the likes of the Samuel Does of this world. So, I decided the least I could do to help in your endeavor was to make a contribution towards your communication equipment funds. I wrote a check No. 0316, dated November 6, 1989, in the amount of $50.00, drawn on the First Federal Bank of Pittsburgh. The regrettable thing about my making this contribution to this day is the fact that the $50.00 probably helped in buying bullets that sent over 200,000 Liberians to their death and displaced many countless others.

Therefore, Mr. Taylor, the purpose of this letter is to demand that you return my $50.00 contribution. When I made my contribution, I did not know that you had motives that were not in the interest of the Liberian masses. I also know that $50.00 does not mean very much to you, but it does to me because I earned that money the old fashion-way - I worked for it. I did not steal it.

There are those who say that you, Charles Taylor, are an educated man, a family man, and a Christian. For me personally, it is hard to believe that you are any of those things. I don’t see how anybody can be considered an educated man without any refinement in his person. How do you go to bed at night and get a good night sleep, having caused the death of over 200,000 of your own Liberian people? I don’t see how anybody can be considered to be a family man when he makes killing machines out of other people’s children? I don’t see how anybody can be considered to be a Christian when he has no respect for life. If you have any conscience, I don’t see how it allows you to pillage and plunder the resources of Liberia without any benefit to its people.

Mr. President, by returning my $50.00, I can contribute it to a cause that I now truely believe would be in the best interest of the Liberian people.


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