The Driver of Charles Taylor's Notorious Son Beaten to Death

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September 20, 2002

Isaac Gono, driver of Chucky Taylor (Charles Taylor's notorious son) was recently beaten to death by Chuckie's body guards. Chucky Taylor instructed some of his guards to beat Mr. Gono for allegedly killing a dog. Gono death was not due to the killing of the dog, but because the blood of the dog splashed on Chucky's car. According to the information, Chuckie asked his body guards to give Gono 100 lashes. Accordingly, Chucky's body guards complied by beating Mr. Gono to death. Mr. Gono was himself a personnel of the of the so-called Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU).

The News newspaper was to carry the story on September 19, 2002, but the Sabannah printing press proprietor called Goodridge to seek clearance before printing the paper. It is said that Information Minister Goodridge told him not to print the paper as it was. For this reason, the News never appeared on the news stand yesterday.

Because the story has been spreading in Monrovia like wild fire, the Ministry of Defense came out with the press release in today's edition of the Inquirer.

Here is the government account: "It all happened when 1st/Lt. Isaac Gono came to report an accident he was involved in to Maj. George Davis, Detail Commander, since indeed the ATU Commanding Officer, Charles Taylor, Jr. owner of the vehicle had retired for the night. Maj. Davis who described the accident as a careless mistake, ordered 1st/Lt. Gono disciplined.

"According to the Defense Ministry release, 1stt/Lt. Gono's demise came as a result of manhandling by fellow ATU Officers, Maj. George Davis, and Captain D. Histine Teaiyer.

"The Officers, during the process of interrogating 1st/Lt. Gono over the accident, used unusual harsh methods, rendering 1st/Lt. Gono unconscious.

"Major Davis upon seeing the collapse of 1st/Lt. Gono, rushed and awoke his boss Charles M. Taylor, jr. to inform him of a problem in the yard. The G.O.C. Taylor awoke and came downstairs to only find his chief driver lying unconscious. He immediately ordered an ambulance to rush the Lt. to the nearest hospital. However, when the para-medics arrived, they pronounced 1st Lt. Isaac Gono dead...."

But this press release is seen by many Liberians as simply a cover up for Chucky's criminal act. It can be recalled that the Liberian government recently released Bedell Fahn, Charles Taylor's groupie is released who was convicted for similar offense.

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