Invitation to the Liberian Government "Reconciliation Conference"

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 13, 2002

Letter of Official Invitation to Delegates

On July 26, 2002, President Charles Ghankay Taylor formally declared the Liberian National Conference on Peace and Reconciliation officially opened. First National Plenary Session will convene at the Unity Conference Center in Virginia on August 24, 2002; and delegates will elect officers of the Conference immediately following the opening ceremonies.

This letter of invitation is addressed to all those individuals and organized stakeholder institutions listed on the Official Conference Delegate Register of the Conference published by the Organizing Bureau.

Due to difficulty in direct delivery of mail, we are also sending this invitation to the invitees by electronic mail. We sincerely solicit the indulgence of everyone concerned. We also ask that each of us should be kind enough to serve as a reminder to the next person who may not be in a position to receive this invitation directly. Once the name is on the Official Conference Delegate Register, the invitee will be accorded all due courtesies.

Five areas of focus for the Conference have been defined:

(1) Historical, Social and Cultural Interaction;
(2) Economic and Financial Management;
(3) Democracy and Governance;
(4) Information, Education and Communication Process; and
(5) National Security in terms of protection of the State and the individual person.

The five thematic areas will be elaborated upon during the first sitting of the National Plenary. Thereafter, the Plenary Session will recess and the Conference will be transformed into five separate forums – one for each thematic area. Each Delegate is free to register for any one of the thematic areas. Once registered with a particular forum, a delegate may not oscillate between forums, but may visit other forums as an observer. The Thematic Coordinators, in consultation with their respective thematic teams members, may vary moderators for the day-to-day forum sessions depending on the focused issues of the forum for a particular day.

The participants are expected to analyze, discuss and debate the key issues associated with that thematic area and, at the end of the forum, deduce the national consensus, which then will become the foundation for the National Blueprint on the way forward.

As you will recall, we had the 1998 Vision 2024 Conference, at which time we articulated our national expectation 25 years in the future. The current conference is about how we intend to realize our Vision 2024. The conference is an inter-Liberian dialogue of stakeholders to enhance harmony and to mobilize the collective energy of the nation. The conference is a forum for reaching understanding and consensus on four important questions about the attainment of lasting peace:

(1) What is the best way to reduce the conflict and tension in the country;

(2) What is the best way to restore and maintain peace and understanding at all the various societal levels in Liberia;

(3) What is the best way to facilitate sustained economic development and growth of the communities and the country as a whole; and

(4) What is the best way to promote and enhance the democratic process and the rule of law in Liberia

The conference will pursue consensus along the following lines:

At the end of the conference, the following outputs are expected:

We believe that you can contribute meaningfully to this national endeavor. Accordingly, we have extended you this invitation. It is our fervent hope and ardent desire that you will attend the Conference.

For more detail information in terms of program schedules logistical arrangements, please feel free to contact the following members of the Conference Organizing Bureau at the cell phones numbers and email and website addresses. If you calling from the Americas, the cell phone number are preceded by (011) and from elsewhere, by (003):

Dr. Roland C. Massaquoi Chairman 377-47-511-094
Madam Victoria A. Reffell Co-Chairman 377-47-510-317
Mr. Blamoh Nelson Co-Chairman & Technical Dir. 377-47-512-519
Mr. Bai M. Gbala Co-Chairman 377-47-515-369
Chief Jallah Lone Co-Chairman 377-47-512-052
Prof. Willie Belleh Senior Consultant 337-47-511-987

Bureau email
Bureau email

As we look forward to seen you, we remain,

Very truly yours,

Roland Massaquoi (Phd)


Official Conference Delegate Register

1. BANKS, Cllr. Philip A. Z
2. BANKS, Mr. Josephus
3. BELLEH, Prof. Willie
4. BENNIE, Mr. Charles
5. BOLEY, (Dr.) George E. S
6. Bomi County Delegates (20)
7. Bong County Delegates (20)
8. BORWAH, Mr. George T.
9. BORYENNEH, Cllr. Elizabeth
10. BOWEN, Hon. Hezekiah J.
11. BOWIER, Rev. Emmanuel
12. BREEZE, Mr. Charles
13. BRIGHT, Hon. Charles
14. BROWN, Hon. Lewis
15. BROWN, Sis. Mary Laurine
16. BROWNELL, Dr. Lincoln
17. BROWNELL, Mother Mary
18. BRUMSKINE, Cllr. Charles W.
19. BRYANT, Mr. Gyude C.
20. Cape Mount County Delegates (20)
21. CAPTAN, Hon Monie R.
22. CARBAH, Mr. Francis
23. CARLOR, Mr. D. Karn
24. CHEA, Hon. Daniel Jr.
25. CHEAPOO Cllr. Chea
26. CLARKE, (Dr.) Charles A
27. COLE, Mr. Norman
28. COLEMAN, Hon. Peter
29. CONNEH, Mr. Varney
30. COOPER, Hon. Musulyn D.
31. COOPER, Mr. Oscar
32. DAHN, Dr. Marcus S. G.
33. DAKINAH, Dr. Fahnboah
34. DARRAH, Hon. Tejanii
35. DAVIES Rev. William T.
36. DENNIS, Hon. Max
37. DENNIS, Mr. Edwin
38. DIGGS, Bishop Ronald
39. DIKENAH, Mr. Isaac D.
40. DOE, Chayee
41. DOE, Former First Lady Nancy B.
42. DOE, Mr. Jackson
43. DOE, Mr. Tugbeh
44. DUBAH, Rt. Lt/Gen. Henry
45. DUEH, Mr. George
46. DUKULY, Mr. Morris
47. DUNBAR, Hon. Belle
48. DUNBAR, Hon. Jenkins
49. DUNCAN, Doc. Oliver
50. EASTMAN, Hon. Ernest T.
51. ELLIOTT, Hon. Blidi
52. ENOAYI, Bill Frank
53. FAHNBULLEH, Dr. H. Boima
54. FAHNBULLEH, Hon. Gayah
55. FARLEY, Mr. Christ
56. FATORMA, Mr. Richard
57. FLEMMING, Hon Loyola . S.
58. FLOMO, Hon. Richard
59. FOFANA, Mr. Mohammed W.
60. FRANCIS, His Grace Archbishop Michael K
61. GARDNER, Hon. Emmanuel O.
62. GARLEY, Mr. Josephus K.
63. GAYE, Hon. Alphonso
64. GBALA, Hon. Bai
65. GBALAZEH, Cllr. Emmanuel
66. Gbapulu County Delegates (20)
67. GBATU, Mr. Jeffery
68. GBAYAN, Mr. Thomas T.
69. GBEGBE, Dr. Frederick S.
70. GBOLLIE, Hon. Joseph Sahr Fayiah
71. GIBSON, Mr. Atiliean W.
72. GOLOKEH-BASS, Mr. Fred Golokeh
73. GOODRIDGE, Hon. Reginald
74. Grand Bassa County Delegates (20)
75. Grand Gedeh County Delegates (20)
76. Grand Kru County Delegates (20)
77. GREAVES, Mr. Harry A.
78. GRIMES, Hon. J. Rudolph
79. GUAH, Hon. Paul
80. GUANNU, Dr. Joseph S.
81. GUEH, Mr. Freeman
82. HARRIS, (Rt. Rev.) Sumoward
83. HARRIS, Mr. Emerson
84. HERBERT, Hon. Christian
85. HILL, Mr. Samuel D.
86. HORTON, (Dr.) Romeo
87. INNIS, (Rt. Rev.) John
88. JACKSON, Hon. Sam,
89. JALLAH, Cllr. David A. B.
90. JANGABA, (His Honour) Elwood,
91. JARYANNEH Rev. Solomon
92. JASPER, Rev. Ndaborlor,
93. JOE, Philip Mr. Saah
94. JOHNSON, Dr. Rev. Darlingston
95. JOHNSON, Gen. Prince Y.
96. JOHNSON, Hon Koboi . L.
97. JOHNSON, Hon. Roosevelt,
98. JOHNSON, J. Hon. Rudolph
99. JOHNSON, Mr. Daniel
100. JOHNSON, Mr. Daniel
101. JOHNSON, Mr. Peter A.
102. JOHNSON, Mr. Rudolph
103. JOHNSON, Mr. Wesley
104. JONES, Cllr. Amy Musu
105. JONES, Cllr. Marcus
106. JONES, Cllr. Mohammedu
107. JULU, Mr. Charles
108. JUWLAY, Mr. Joseph
109. KAMARA, Mr. Jallah K. K.
110. KAMARA, Mr. Mohammed L.
111. KAMARA, Mr. Tom
112. KANDAKAI, Hon. Evelyn D.
113. KANNEH, Dr. Vamba
114. KARMAH, Hon. Philip
115. KARNWEAYE, Mr. John Tubu
116. KARPEH, Madea Reeves
117. KAWAH, Mr. Alexander S.
118. KEKULA, Mr. Joseph
119. KERKULA, Hon. Foday
120. KESSELLY, Mr. Mohammed
121. KIAZOLU, Mr. James G.
122. KIDAU, Mrs. Nohn
123. KOBBAH-WUREH Hon. Weade
124. KOFI, Mr. J. Fonati
125. KOFI, Rev. Edward T.
126. KOKUYOU, William Mr.
127. KOLLIE, Mr. Abraham B.
128. KONNEH Sheikh Kafumba
129. KONNEH, Mr. Jamateh
130. KORTIE, Mr. David E.
131. KPORMAKPOR, Prof Cllr. David.
132. KROMAH, Hon. Alhaji G. V.
133. KROMAH, Mr. Abraham
134. LANSANAH, Armah B.
135. LAWRENCE, Hon. Christmas
136. Leigh-Sherman, Madam Theresa
137. Lofa County Delegates (20)
138. LONE, (Chief) Jallah
139. LUO, Hon. Harrison
140. MANNEH, Mr. Aaron
141. MANNEH, Mr. Isaac
142. Margibi County Delegates (20)
143. MARSH, Mr. Rudolph,
144. MARWEAH, (Prof.) Francis
145. MARYLAND County Delegates (20)
146. MASON, (Dr.) Melvin
147. MASON, Mr. Joe S.
148. MASSAQUOI, Hon. Roland C.
149. MATTHEWS Hon. G. Baccus
150. MAYAH, Hon. Joseph
151. MERAB, Rudolph
152. MERRIAM, Mr. H. Hodo
153. MONGER, Harold
154. MONIBA, (Dr.) Harry F.
155. Montserrado County Delegates (20)
156. MOORE, Hon. Ramsey
157. MORGAN, Cllr. Lawrence
158. MORRIS, His Hon John. N.
159. MORRIS, Johnson Frances Cllr.
160. Mr. VINCENT, Erik
161. MULBAH, Hon. Joe W.
162. MULBAH, Hon. Paul
163. MULBAH, Mrs. Elizabeth S.
164. MUSA, Gen. Isaac Saye
165. NAGBE, Cllr. James N
166. NELSON, Hon. Blamoh
167. NEUFVILLE, Rt. Rev. Edward W.
168. Nimba County Delegates (20)
169. OKAI, Mr. J. Varney
170. PAJIBO, Mr. Seige O.
171. PAYE, Mr. Steve F.
172. PAYE-BAYE, Hon. Mewaseh
173. PAYGAI, Hon. Somah
174. PEABODY, Hon. Cora
175. PEABODY, Mr. Eugene
176. Perry, Hon. Ruth SANDO
177. PIERRE, Cllr. James E.
178. POE, Hon. Maxwell S.
179. PORTE, (Elder) Prince
180. POUR, Mr. Urias Teh
181. QUIAH Hon. Oscar J.
182. REFFELL, Hon. Jonathan
183. REFFELL, Hon. Victoria A.
184. RICHARDS, Mr. Joseph P.
185. RICHARDSON Hon. John T.
186. River Gee County Delegates (20)
187. Rivercess County Delegates (20)
188. ROBERTS, (Dr.) Ben
189. ROBERTS, Hon. Charles B.
190. ROBERTS, Rev. Mai
191. ROGERS, Mr. James
192. ROULHAC, Rev. Moses
193. SACKOR, (His Honour) Karmo S.
194. SAHR, Mr. Fayah J.
195. SALEEBY, Hon. Elie
196. SAMUKAI, Mr. Brownie
197. SANKAWULO, (Prof) Wilton
198. SANNOH, Cllr. Benedict
199. SAWYER, Dr. Amos C.
200. SAYDEE, Hon. Daniel P
201. SAYTUMAH, Hon. Morris
202. SCOTT, Her Honor Gloria Musu)
203. SCOTT, Hon Jenkins. K. Z. B.
204. SEEKIE, Hon. Raleigh F.
205. SELMAH, Mr. Anthony
206. SENNEH, Mr. Peter T.
207. SHAW, Hon. Emmanuel
208. SHERIFF, Chief Imam Kandakai,
209. SHERIFF, Dr. El Mohammed
210. SHERIFF, Hon. Martin M. N.
211. SHERMAN, Cllr. Rudolph
212. SHERMAN, Cllr. Varney
213. Sinoe, County Delegates (20)
214. SIRLEAF Hon. Ellen Johnson
215. SIRLEAF, Doc. Varsay
216. SIRLEAF, Hon Momolu V. S.
217. SLANGER, Mr. Edward
218. SMITH, Mr. C. Wallace
219. SMYTHE, Hon. John H.
220. SUPUWOOD, Cllr. Laveli J.
221. SWARAY, Hon. Alieu J.
222. TAHYOR, Hon. Dexter
223. TARLUE, Mr. Obadiah D.
224. TARPEH, Hon. James T
225. TARPEH, Hon. Wilson
226. TARPEH, Mrs. Julie Endee
227. TAYLOR, Alhaji Layee
228. TAYLOR, Hon. Demetrious
229. TAYLOR, Hon. Emmett
230. TAYLOR, Hon. Freddie
231. TAYLOR, Hon. Jonathan C.
232. TEAHJAY, Mr. Milton
233. TEH, Mr. Tarty
234. THOMAS, Hon. Timothy E.
235. THOMAS, Mr. James P.
236. TIPOTEH, Dr. Togba-Nah
237. TOCQUIE, Hon. Napoleon J
238. TOE, Dr. J. Chris
239. TOKPA, Mr. Alaric
240. TOLBERT-NORMAN, Madam Christine
241. TUCKER, Mr. Gabriel
242. UREY, Hon. Benoni
243. VANDII, Dr. Sarr Abdullai
244. VARMAH, Hon. Eddington A.
245. VINTON, Hon. David K.
246. WALKER Rev. Dr. Jeremiah
247. WARD, Hon. Amelia
248. WARNER, Bishop Bennie D.
249. WASHINGTON, Dr. George Toe
250. WASHINGTON, Mrs. Marie
251. WAYAS, Madam Kathern Kpoto
252. WAYNE, Mr. S. Sando
253. WEAH, Mr. Weah A.
254. WESSEH, Mr. Commany W. B.
255. WILLIAMS, Cllr. Jonathan
256. WINKER, Rev. Isaac
257. WOLOKOLIE, Mr. Dusty
258. WONGBAY, Hon. Jenkins
259. WOODS, Mr. John
260. WOODS, Mr. Kofi
261. WOODSON, Roger Hon.
262. WORTORSON, Hon. Cletus
263. WRAGBO, Mr. Hiltler P
264. WREH, Madam Ruth Yvonne
265. WRIGHT, His Honor M. Wilkins
266. WUREH, Cllr. Emmanuel
267. WUREH, Cllr. Yvette
268. WYLIE, Mr. Joe
269. YORK, Dr. Louise
270. ZOTOE, Mr. Isaac

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