Let's Stifle Our Tears and Look Forward in Hope

By James R. Torh

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

January 1, 2003

Our country is going through a trying time. Liberia has become a disgrace on the face of the globe, a country that has been listed as a failed and pariah state, a fear republic. A society governed by fear and ruined by terror; and evil is the order of the day. A criminal with a gangster's tendencies and his high-core demons and sadists have taken over our land and made our country a rogue state and a center of destabilization for the West African region.

Liberians are treated like animals in their own country where their lives can be taken away by a wicked man and his son with impunity. Indeed, a father and son who have turned into snarling animals of hurting their own people. Our country is in deep pains and confronted with grief; the way is dark and full of tears. Today Liberia is worst than embarrassment in a civilized community of nations with many of its citizens suffering unbearable pains as refugees and trapped in deplorable conditions for being Liberians and stranded along border towns close to dying. They have been subjected to humiliation. Their stories are sorry indeed. And it seems that our woes as a nation are far from over.

As we celebrate Christmas and approach 2003, Liberians at home do not have money to put food on the table. Our people are living in fear at night with dreadful images of nightmares. Liberians are, however, looking forward with high hope that one day their country will be redeemed from the hands of evil. Liberians wherever they are located have to treasure the bible and in search of scriptures to minister to their bleeding hearts as they go through the worst tragedy and trauma and tears stream down their eyes seeking God's intervention in the horror consuming their country. The question that continues to haunt them is "when will this madness come to an end" But I want to encourage you, fellow compatriots, not to keep your eyes on today's pains but have a sense of optimism and know that our country will be fully liberated in due time.

Evil will haunt evildoers. Those people who carry sinister agenda and whose conscience and influence are designed to blight the souls of our nation and its people for power and wealth will surely pay the price for the crimes against humanity. They loot the national resources and pocket the income for personal use. The time may not be known, but justice will surface and Liberia will smile again. God, the creator of mankind has a sense of humour after all.

But the challenge and essential truth is that we should pull our strength together and the struggle for the redemption of our country should begin with us. Freedom is not bread and butter but sweat, tears and blood. In most of recorded history, the worth of a nation and its ability to decide its destiny rest with and measure by the willingness of its citizens to stand up against evil. We vividly remember when the people of Sierra Leone, a neighbouring country marched in the home Foday Sackor to demand justice. This is why it is important that we work together with united front to confront the evil that is destroying our country and its people. All is not lost.

Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous 2003

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