LURD Still Wants Finance Minister Replaced
…Give Bryant 24-hr Ultimatum

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted May 13, 2004

The LURD Executive Committee reiterated that within 24 hours time, they expect NTGL Chairman Charles G. Bryant to have replaced incumbent Finance Minister Lusine Kamara with their new nominee, Mr. Soko V. Sackor.

In their prepared statement read by Mr. Edward Farley at a well-attended news conference late yesterday evening, the LURD executive committee said the Comprehensive Peace Accord(CPA) signed in Accra gives signatories the sole authority to nominate persons to positions which have been allotted to them.

“The LURD statement said, “where a post was not covered in the accord, there is a clause that appointment to such post be done through dialogue and consultation among the parties.”

The statement went on to say, “regrettably, upon taking office, Charles Gyude Bryant, Chairman of NTGL has turned his back on the very accord which forms the framework of the entire peace process and transformed himself into an executive president, a similar mistake committed by Charles Taylor which now took him to Calabar, Nigerian.”

“Mr. Charles Gyude Bryant is a monster in the making and he must be stopped before he gets out of hand. And We will stop him,” the LURD statement continued.

The LURD said sometime ago, it had written Chairman Bryant requesting the replacement of the Finance Minister Kamara who is a LURD nominee, but he has refused on ground that the letter was not signed by the Movement’s chairman.

“Now Chairman Conneh has written the recall letter of Finance Minister Lusine Kamara, Charles Gyude Bryant has refused to honor the letter,” the statement stated.

As a consequence of the apparent refusal to honor their request by NTGL Chairman Bryant, the LURD Executive statement diulged, “we are giving Chairman Bryant a 24-hour ultimatum to remove Lusine Kamara and announce the appointment of Soko V. Sackor as the new Finance Minister, and the vacancy created by the disgraceful resignation of Mr. Saleeby, Bryant’s landlord must be occupied by a nominee from MODEL.”

During the question and answer period, Mr. Farley said if Chairman Bryant fails to implement LURD’s request, their fighters will be urged to stop disarming immediately.

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