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The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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Posted January 19, 2004

Assembly (NTLA), during last week session sharply disagreed with the composition and size of the GOL’s delegation to attend the February Donor Conference in New York.

Speaking in disagreement of Chairman Bryant’s delegation in yesterday’s plenary, the vote of 55 NTLA members called for the reduction of the 32-member delegation to twenty.

The 20-man delegation according to the plenary of the NTLA, should include five from the NTLA, two from the Judiciary, ten from the Executive and three from the warring parties and they should include resource persons.

According to a press release from the Capitol, deliberating on the number of delegations, "the NTLA regretted the decision of Chairman Bryant leaving out viable entities like Water and Sewer Corporation, Liberia Electricity Corporation, Liberia Telecommunication Corporation, Ministry of Public Works, Forestry and Development Authority and other institutions that could give the true picture of Liberia’s need for assistance."

The NTLA press bureau quotes the plenary as demanding the approval of the budget for delegates to the donor conference, saying the budget for the donor conference must be submitted to that august body. The plenary further regrets that Chairman Bryant has already dispatched a nine-man advance team to New York without the knowledge of the NTLA.

Meanwhile, the NTLA’s press and public affairs bureau has said the national Legislature has assured the Liberian people that the democratic space for good governance will be pursued to the letter of the Accra peace accord.

The release from the Capitol disclosed the composition of the GOL delegation as selected by the Executive Mansion as Christian Herbert, Minister of Planning & Economic Affairs; Elie Saleeby, Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia; Harry Greaves/Chairman, CEA; Lamini Waritay/Communications Advisor; Fred Bass Golokeh/Advisor on International Affairs; Charles Minor; Amelia Ward; O. Natty B. Davis and Samuel Thompson, who are supposed to have left on Monday, January 12, 2004 as the GOL’s advance team.

Those expected to depart on 21 January include Thomas Nimely-Yaya/Minister of Foreign Affairs; Lusinee F. Kamara, Sr./Minister of Finance; Vivienne T. Wreh/Chief of Protocol, R.L.; . Mrs. Vabah Gayflor/Minister for Gender & Development, Cllr. Varney Sherman/Legal Advisor, Willis Knuckles, Ms. Nohn Kidau/Dep. Min. Special Projects; Willie Belleh/COS, S. Prince Porte, Spencer Brown/Press and Mr. Jonathon Sahn/Cameraman.

S. Henrik Wolo/Dep. Dir. SSS, Insp. Corina Teewon/SSS; Insp. Ebenezer Brown/SSS, Ms. Patricia Kloh and Ms. Haibatu Pussah are the security advance team

The last batch of the delegation expected to depart on Sunday, February 1, 2004 with Chairman Bryant are Ms. Deweh Gray/Chief of Protocol, E.M., Mrs. Sia Luseni/Personal Secretary, Samuel Ajavon/Director, SSS, Gen. Julia Bono/Aide-De-Camp, Insp. Lovetee Lablah/Security, Lt. Tarnue Kesselly/Butler to the Chairman, Mr. William Kerkula/SSS and Mr. James Garresson/Photographer.

The GOL delegation is due back on 11 February, 2004 According to the NTLA press bureau release of today.

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