Key Liberian Government Official Speaks on Peace Process

By: Charles Crawford

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 27, 2003

An executive member of the United People’s Party (UPP) has described the up-coming peace talks on Liberia, slated for June 4, 2003 in Ghana, as "a real Liberian meeting".

Cabinet Director Blamo Nelson, who expressed optimism about the meeting, said the Akosombo Meeting is all about "Liberians doing it together in a bid to find a common ground and build an environment where they will once more live together as brothers and sisters."

Mr. Nelson said the talks will provide the forum where Liberians will sit down at the table in the presence of the International Community to put forth their problems, analyze them and find a workable solution together, thus putting an end to the country’s nightmare.

Speaking to newsmen in Monrovia over the weekend, the astute Liberian politician averred that no one is interested in warfare again, because according to him, it has made Liberians exhausted.

He said Liberians sitting down and ‘doing it together’ is the only way out for their country, thus stressing the need for all parties to the Liberian conflict and stakeholders to attend the peace talks with Liberia in mind.

Touching on the call by many Liberians for President Charles Taylor to resign, the Cabinet Director said such is not healthy for Liberia’s problems.

Mr. Nelson said what is obtaining in today’s Liberia should be blamed on every Liberian, and looking at the past, beginning with the late President William Richard Tolbert to present, the resignation of President Taylor will not solve the problem in the country, but rather exacerbate it.

The UPP stalwart warned his fellow countrymen about the danger involved in removing the government outside of the constitution.

He attributed Liberia’s present nightmare to the violent overthrow of presidents William R. Tolbert and Samuel K. Doe, adding that Liberians need to sit down and examine their problem and find a way out, because repeated evil deeds by government continues to remain unabated.

Mr. Nelson, however, squarely blamed the problem wrong with the NPP-led government on the Liberian people, because the government is the people and all of its officials are Liberians.

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