Bong Citizens Reject Appointment of County Officials

By: C. Winnie Saywah


The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 5, 2004

As the nomination of civil authorities in the counties by Chairman Gyude Bryant receives cold shoulders, some citizens from Bong County have issued a position statement to the NTLA.

In their statement read by a district paramount chief Milton Varmah, the citizens said they are disappointed and greatly surprised over the appointment of Mr. Daniel Weetol as Superintendent of Bong County.

NTGL Chairman Bryant recently named Mr. David Weetol and Mr. Joseph Lee Rogers as Superintendent and Development Superintendent respectively of Bong County pending confirmation by the NTLA.

The citizens said contrary to their recommendation to Chairman Bryant through the Bong Legislative caucus for the appointment of Mr. Aloysius Sackie and Ayouba Swaray as Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent for development respectively, the NTGL Chairman has rather elected the two county officials to serve against the will and pleasure of Bong County citizens.

They said Mr. Weetol has a criminal character and his name was forwarded by Rep. Joseph Cornomia who does not have any good intention for the county, though he is the direct representative of the county to the NTLA.

The citizens then recommended to the NTLA to intervene in the matter thus allowing the will of the people to prevail.
Receiving the statement, the county’s legislative caucus promised to render unto the citizens of Bong County their desire by presenting the document to plenary for its urgent intervention.

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