Bryant, Dweh Pledge to Fully Implement CPA

By: C. Winnie Saywah

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

August 20, 2004

The NTGL Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant and NTLA Speaker George S. Dweh have again recommitted themselves to the full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Accord(CPA).

At program held at the Capitol to commemorate the first anniversary of the CPA signed by Liberian parties in Accra, Ghana, Chairman Bryant said they will remain committed till they peacefully hand over after the transitional period in January 2006, after the 2005 presidential and general elections.

Chairman Bryant, honoring the celebration of the day before departing for Freetown, Sierra Leone yesterday, said Liberians are at peace today because of the resolve of the international community, therefore he views the day as one of thanksgiving and commendation.

The NTGL Chairman said it is about time that all adults truly begin to make themselves the sacrificial lambs because the children of Liberia have suffered the hardest noting, “it is time that we adults sacrifice to give our children a better tomorrow.”

He then reiterated that Liberians have had difficult times resolving the differences amongst themselves, therefore the partners and peace brokers of Liberia need to be commended and given a pat for sticking to this country as brothers, adding, “I tell you, without your participation, we would have still be fighting. We are here because of your resolve. You resolved that there would be no more war, and that we will sustain the peace. Your resolve continues to resonate and the peace will continue to prevail.”

In his opening statement, the NTLA Speaker Dweh said, too long Liberians have kept spreading news between him and the NTGL Chairman and that has caused problems for the peace process, but it is time that they work together and expose such individuals who do not mean well for the country.

Speaker Dweh said as leaders and servants of the people, they would do everything in their power for Liberians to enjoy durable peace as of the celebration of the CPA’s first anniversary.

He said the celebrations were not a victory for a factional group nor an individual but a victory for all Liberians and the international community.

Speaker Dweh said despite their individual differences, they must work as a coordinated body putting the interest of the people and country first.

Whilst embracing NTGL Chairman Bryant, Speaker Dweh said, “our problems are beyond us. Now is the time of consultation. Bryant is the Chairman of this transitional arrangement therefore we must respect each other’s functions and understand that we are three distinct branches but need coordination.”

Making remarks after receiving certificates of recognition and appreciation from the NTLA, members of the international community including ECOWAS Special Representative Francis Blaine, African Union, Nigeri’sa Ambassador Eineje Onobu, EU Representative Geoffrey Rudd and UN Special Representative Jacques Paul Klein, thanked the Liberians for the level of peace enjoyed so far but encouraged them to love their country by putting it first and making the sacrifice.

Meanwhile, a 14-count resolution on the first anniversary of the signing of the CPA was drafted, read and adopted forming part of a working document to be printed and distributed to members of the parties involved in the peace process including the international community.

The NTLA among other things resolved that it accepts that the primary responsibility of the implementation of the CPA lies with the Liberians especially the agreement and that the signing of the CPA was a voluntary act informed by a realization that continuing armed conflict served no useful purpose but death and destruction of those in whose name the war waged.

The resolution continued that it calls on all armed groups and individuals still operating in the country under the name LURD, MODEL, former GOL and other guises to dissolve themselves, disarm voluntarily to UNMIL and submit to formal and informal process of reintegration and rehabilitation as may be provided by families, communities, Liberian National NGOs and the Government of Liberia assisted by the international community among others.

Some personalities at the occasion included NTGL Vice Chairman Wesley Johnson, and LURD embattled Chairman Sekou Damate Conneh, among others.

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